Saturday, April 24, 2010

Let me explain

We have an outhouse on our property. It actually covers the well head and then last year it got turned into a home for my three chickens, Bella, Alice and Rosalie. Soon Victoria and Emily will join them. It works really well in that function. The reason we even have an outhouse is that on my first date with Bryan we went to a party out at a farm and I needed to use the restroom. I went to the door of the farmhouse and asked the woman if I could use their restroom. She said "Sure, it's that little shack right over there." I then proceeded to laugh and say "No, really may I use your restroom." Bryan is elbowing me in the side and she says again, more firmly, "Yes, it is that little shack right over there." Oops. So outhouses became a joke with us. Thus began a long relationship of me saying whatever popped into my head and Bryan trying to stop me. So what you read here is probably going to be like that outhouse comment. It will be whatever occurs on our land and may just be whatever occurs in my head.
I was told to tell my stories in a blog so I created this for that purpose. I am by no means a writer, I would be a more verbal story teller but I will give this a try. Enjoy.