Friday, November 22, 2013

The Heart - An Unexpected Journey {Part 2}

We had gotten our heads and lives all set to have Bryan's surgery on Monday but today they called him and told him that because of an issue with another patient of Dr. Oaks they needed to move Bryan's surgery to Friday, November 29.
We were sitting here this evening after telling everyone about the change and Dr. Oaks called at 8:45 and offered Bryan a couple different times. We were rather impressed that he called. We talked about it and decided to leave it on Friday. Too many things would have needed to be changed.
So for now the surgery will be Friday.
I found these pictures and notes from 15 years ago.
Thanks to all of you for your prayers and encouragment. 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Heart - An Unexpected Journey {Part 1}

Tuesday, November 19 Bryan and I spent the whole day together. We went to Omaha to find a recliner that would fit him and not be huge and puffy. We found one and bonus! it is a wall hugger and very small profile not to mention that it fits him really well.
He tried it out that evening.
Wednesday, November 20 I spent my last day with the kids for about 3 weeks. We played a rousing game of UNO before school.
Bryan went to work and taught his evening class for the last time in 8 weeks or so. 
Today, Thursday, November 21 Bryan had a cardiac catheterization. It showed that his arteries were "clean as a whistle" according to Dr. Meckle. That was very good news. That means they won't need to do any bypasses while they are in replacing the aortic valve and repairing the aortic stem. They had a little trouble getting an IV in. Third time was the charm. The nurses felt so bad. 
The two guys in the lower left photo are both on Dr. Oaks surgery team and will be assisting with Bryan's surgery. They also both attend Berean and when they got done explaining everything to us and talking with Bryan, they asked if they could pray with us. It was very sweet. 
So we are here in the hospital room waiting for him to be able to get up and then go home to wait until Monday. On Monday we have to be here at 5:00 a.m. and the surgery starts at 7:30 a.m. So the journey has begun. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Which brings us to today...

Today we begin the week long wait. Yesterday Bryan did an amazing job announcing to the congregation, without drama, that he will be undergoing open heart surgery on Monday, November 25. It will be his second one. 15 years ago on December 29 he had to have a Ross Procedure done to repair a birth defect that had never been discovered until then. He was the 27th person in Nebraska to have that procedure and at that time only 3 hospitals in the country were doing the Ross. One of them being Bryan Hospital in Lincoln. Never doubt that God is in control. Well, over the years that surgery has served him well. At the time that he had it, they only had 6 years of data to go on so they really couldn't tell him what life might be like past 6 years. So for 15 years they have checked and watched and been comfortable with the results of their tests. 5 years ago they told us the valve was leaking a bit but there was no swelling on his heart to indicate stress so all was fine, they would just keep a closer eye on him. He, of course, never slows down so this was good news to him. A year and a half ago they thought there was swelling and we faced the possibility of surgery. But the test they did showed them that wasn't the case. Checks every 6 months. Rollercoaster ride of "will he have to have surgery this time" every 6 months. Then October 30th he had his 6 months check. There was concern so they scheduled him for a CAT scan. That showed swelling in an area of his aortic stem. This WAS cause for concern so he met with the surgeon on Wednesday, November 13. He explained to Bryan about the new valve they would put in and also about the stem that they would replace with a synthetic. They needed to schedule the surgery on a day when the Dr. had no other surgeries so they scheduled it for Monday, November 25. This Thursday he will have a heart cath. to check and make sure there are no surprises when they do the surgery. 
We are all doing fine. The waiting is hard. 
It is rather weird to see him doing projects, going to work and just looking so normal and know that in a week he will be miserable and it seems so strange. But we totally trust the team of doctors.
More than that we totally trust God and believe that He has us held in the palm of his hand.

Celebrating BobbiHaircut

In case you are wondering, clear back when Amiah was 4 she referred to Bobbi as BobbiHaircut (because of Bobbi being a cosmotologist) and that name has stuck.
Yesterday, Bobbi turned 26.
It is hard to believe that much time as passed. I love that I have been given the privilege of being her mom. She is such an amazing person. Caring, loving, funny and with a heart that loves God. 
Last night we had a party for her at her house. We had such a fun time. Ashley made her this beautiful cake.
 I love this beautiful girl!

Way back on November 8...

{Life got in the way of blogging on October 30, so I am catching up. I will explain later.}
The sun came up, beautifully.
It tends to do that out here. And say what you want about Nebraska just don't ever say that we don't see some amazing sunrises and sunsets. Well, ok we may defend our state from other criticism but, you know what I mean.
I had to go into town to get Jayme and take her for a surgery. Yes, another of my children had to have surgery. 
After she came out of recovery we came out here for her to spend the weekend getting full speed again. That night Bryan had been given tickets to the Nebraska Basketball game against Florida Gulf Coast. Row 6 in the new arena. It was the first season game in the brand new Arena downtown. Ashley came out to hang out with Jayme and we headed in. 
They lit the marching band in red and had an opening show of all sorts of stuff. 
I believe the score ended up somewhere around 75 to 52 or something like that. The Arena is beautiful. It was my first time in it. 
Saturday dawned warm (for November in Nebraska) and sunny and not gale force winds so Bryan and I decided to take the boat out one last time before putting it away for winter. It was a good decision. 
First of all because the fish were really biting, second the day was amazing and third it was a very relaxing, fun time. 
This was the first time I have used a crank bait and I've decided I like using one. Normally, I just use a red brush hog because they don't get caught in weeds so bad as others but I may be a convert.
After we were done fishing it was time to pull the boat out of the water and store it for winter. (I am writing this on November 18 and if we would have had the time we could have fished for the last 9 days. It has just been amazing here.) But we needed to get the boat out this day because we knew we wouldn't have time later.
My job was to put weight at the back end so the boat didn't drag as he was putting it on the trailer. No, I did not feel insulted by this assignment. hahahaha
Then on Sunday, everyone came back out here for lunch. Bobbi and Travis had to leave earlier but Ashley stayed and she and I made Ninjabread cookies. 

Yes, NINJAbread!
Jayme was still resting and getting her strength back. Then Ashley went home and Jayme and I played a rousing game of Harry Potter Clue.
Monday, November 11 and I am back with the kids. Bryan is off doing projects. Tuesday I ripped everything out of my kitchen cupboards and cleaned and organized them. I had this thought, "WHEN did I become that person who saves plastic food containers just in case I need them!!!" I purged myself of all that. Wednesday and Thursday back with the kids. Thursday night, November 14 Bryan and I had tickets to Trans Siberian Orchestra at the Arena. The girls all went but seperate from us. Wow. It is a Christmas rock opera in case you have never heard of them. The story they did this year was "The Lost Christmas Eve" 
Friday, November 15 I pulled everything out of my living room and rearranged and cleaned it. (I don't spring clean. I usually want to be outside in the spring, not inside cleaning!!) So I fall clean. 
Saturday I spent the day preparing food for Bobbi's birthday celebration.