Monday, October 19, 2015

And to bring us up to date..

Hopefully you are not sick of reading all my backlog of blogs! 
Monday, October 12 A day with Poppy and she was making a bed for Winnie the Pooh and the bed happened to be her quilt that Great Grandma Wini made her so I thought a picture was in order. 
While we were hanging out at her house, Bryan was salvaging wood from 2 old barns. 
That is a lot of projects right there...
The wind keeps blowing the winter cover off of the pool...I am throughly I put it back on and we wrapped it in basically huge plastic wrap that people use to wrap furniture when they move didn't work. So I have given up and am leaving it like this.
Mostly on, partially off. It is just sooooo windy these days I can't fix it anyway.
On Thursday, October 15 It was so nice out that Poppy and I made "rock, acorn, leaves, branch and dirt soup" in her little pumpkin that was on the porch. 
Friday, October 16 Bryan and I went to Council Bluffs, IA to pick up a wooden go kart that he had seen on Craigs List. It was built in 1959 by the guy's father and they still had it but none of his kids wanted it. It is sturdy enough to hold me! 

We think kids will have a great time pushing each other around in it. Or he can push me...
After we picked that up we stopped at Bass Pro Shops and ate at Uncle Buck's. 
Which brings us to today' Monday, October 19 and the fact that it is Jayme and Trey's 1st Anniversary. Time has flown!

Junkstock Omaha - October 9 and 10

On Thursday, October 8 I found out that the small group of people coming for supper on Sunday, October 11 was actually on Friday, October 9 I went to Junkstock in Omaha with Piper. We had a great time. Alicia had a booth there for her Wax Buffalo Pure Soy candles. 
Alicia and I in her booth. It was so cold that morning!
Piper and I in front of the huge corn mosaic peace sign. 
Then Ashley and I went back all day Saturday and had such a great time. MUCH better than Applejack...more people but more organized and great antiques and stuff. Also amazing food. We ate food from the food truck out of Omaha called Localmotive. It was amazing. We stopped at an antique store in Ashland on our way home and I found these leather cowboy boots for $1.00 in my size! Worth the trip right there! 
I did use a vintage suitcase I found at Junkstock to hold my chips for Sunday so the trip was totally worth it! 
Sunday, October 11 all the new staff, their families, staff directional team, and elders and their families came out for a hayrack ride and food. It was another busy fun event. Two weeks in a row! 

A Long overdue painting project

A couple years ago Bryan and I went to Durango, Colorado to the Cowboy Poetry and Music Festival. It was a wonderful time and a beautiful place. We rode the Durango/Silverton Train. When we were in Silverton Bryan found this ukulele in a small store. It was not in working order and he talked the guy into selling it to him so I could paint on it. I decided to paint a picture of the train we rode on. I had taken a front view when we were stopped and it just fit the shape of the instrument. That was started 2 years ago. Wednesday, October 7, 2015 I finished it.

Such good memories when I look at it.

Kessler Yard Clean-up...

Monday, October 5 Bryan and I set out early to go clean up branches and dead stuff out of the Kessler front and back yards. Just as I got there a huge branch he was cutting fell, caught on a dead branch below it and that broke throwing the huge branch sideways into the ladder that he had climbed into the tree with. The ladder bent sideways, Bryan was on a large branch in the tree, fortunately, and I of course took a picture. But as you can see I didn't get Bryan up in the tree in the picture. I had to go to Lowes and get a new ladder, come back, set it up on the other side of the tree and Bryan was able to climb down. Oh the adventures...
It could have been a disasterous accident if he had been on the ladder. Good thing he knows that branches never fall the way they are supposed to.
He cut down two smaller junk trees and lots of stuff in the backyard.
He took two loads out to the burn pile at our house and lots of firewood was piled up. 
I raked the yard of leaves, branches and acorns. It is a small front yard and there was a lot of stuff on it.
Needless to say we were tired and dirty after that day of yard work.
But it looks a lot better.

Pulgogi Festival #17- Friday, October 2, 2015

Hard to believe it was our 17th year! wow.
I was testing the photo booth. Always forget to take off my apron!! Oh well it wouldn't be me without it.
Jayme took some pictures on the hayride for me. I was at the house cooking. This year we had 38 people. 23 adults and 15 kids. 

The only pictures I managed to take were of the dessert bar prior to everyone getting there. 
Then everyone had fun in the photo booth.
Navy got me all decked out and put some ears on Lucca.
Bobbi and Navy just too cute!
The Schlegels - Fred and Cathy - the couple whose family started all this with us back in 1998. It was only 9 people then.
 The Kirks - Troy, Chelsey, Amani, Finley and Beckham - Chelsey being Fred and Cathy's daughter and also a 1998 attender.
Jill Elswick, myself and Ashley -
Bobbi and Travis - 
Jayme, Trey and Poppy - 
The Henry Family - Will, Jen, Liam and brand new Jael - Will being taller than my photo booth!
The Geyer family - Justin, Carrie, Grant and Anna - 
The Grieser Family - Barry, Andrea, Amiah, Hudson and Boden - 
The Romshek Family - Kelsey, Piper, Roscoe and Lucca -
The Elswicks - Jake and Jill -
The Reisinger Family - Jon, Alicia, Navy and Satchel -
And at last, Bryan and I -
It is always a wild and crazy night with kids and toys and food everywhere but it is always so fun. I make about 20 lbs of meat, 60 eggrolls, 5 lbs of stirfried veggies, 3 lbs of cucumber kimchi and a huge pot of rice. There are usually some leftovers and my girls are happy to relieve me of that burden.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

September and apparently it is Poppy month!

It stayed so warm in September that we kept the pool open until late into the month. Not that I minded but it did seem weird. September actaully had more hot (over 90 degrees) days than August I think.
Labor Day and everyone came out here to eat and hang out. Ashley and Poppy decided to make butter. Poppy had injured her arm and so to keep it stable they put a cast on it. She was a trooper about that.
The butter was delicious.
She wanted to help shuck corn for supper. 
I put the ingredients for a little cake in a bowl for her and she had so much fun stirring up a cake. Then we put it in the oven to bake. After it baked she put the icing on and LOTS of sprinkles. Like almost a whole bottle.
She was so excited about the cake that she could hardly stand still for Ashley to take a picture.
Then since I was going to have her all the next day we decided she could just spend the night. For the first time since she has entered our lives she decided to talk to Bryan. She had called him "Youd (loud) Grandpa" because he was always using power tools everytime she saw him over at Ashley's with Jayme. I had to take a picture because she was putting bracelets on his hand.
The next morning we had a breakfast picinc. Oatmeal on the deck. 
We had a fun day just hanging out here at the house. She fed the chickens.
Then I was making notes for a cookie class I was going to teach and she wanted to "make notes too! I need a notebook."
I let her drive the EZ-GO around the pasture...she loved it! She is on my lap, people!! I am careful.
Then she crashed. As in took a much needed nap not crashed the EZ-GO.
Then we met Jayme at the house and went to the mall to see her dad and she got to ride the carousel with Jayme.
September 10 - Sometimes Boden just climbs in my lap and wants me to hold him. I do cherish those moments
September 12 - .We do have some of the most spectacular sunrises and sunsets out here. 
September 13 was such a perfect evening that Bryan and I decided to make Doughboys down at the fire for supper. Yes for supper. It was wonderful!
September 15 another day to hang out with Poppy. 
On Saturday, September 19 Ashley and I went to the Applejack Festival in Nebraska City. May I just say it was WAY too crowded for us and the flea market that everyone talked about was just bad, bad crafts and it took us an hour to go a 1/4 of a mile. We enjoyed each other's company but we probably won't do that again...
Monday, September 21 - Cookie Class - 10 lovely young women came out here and I showed them how to decorate a few simple cookie shapes. Mainly we did a pumpkin and then I let them just play with icing and some other cookies that were cut out for them.
I had made them each an apron so they posed for the apron picture.
It was a fun evening.
September 22 Another Poppy day. 
I had found this book at a garage sale and she thought it was hilarious that it had her name on it. She thinks it is about her. So maybe it is...
I also said "Can I get that curl out of your face for the picture?" and she said "NO I like my crazy hair!"
Then we went to lunch at the Arbys by her house. She said "I am decorating your arm with my stickers to say thank you for my lunch!"
Saturday, September 26 I had a day to myself and decided to just go on a roadtrip down to Brownville, NE to a big fleamarket/antique fair there. It was fun. I just wandered around by myself enjoying the fact that no one needed me at that moment. Did a lot of people watching and looking at fun stuff. I came home refreshed. 
September 28 and I am getting ready for the Pulgogi Festival. Honestly I have been prepping all month but Poppy was out and I had gotten the photo booth set up so she agreed to be my model to test it out. 
So after this she wanted to take pictures of things so I gave her a little old camera and let her have fun with it. 
Jayme and Trey came out to pick her up and stay for supper. Then we took a test ride on the hayrack. 
My picture is a little blurry because it was so bumpy!
And so we come to the end of September.