Friday, December 30, 2011

Of a Thursday afternoon...

On my way home at 4:30 p.m. I glanced down at a stop sign and had to snap this. Then as I crossed the bridge before our house I saw this rainbow cloud in the sky.

Warm Christmas *Greetings* -

Since Christmas Eve was a Saturday and Christmas on Sunday we had three services at church on Saturday and only one on Sunday. All three were pretty huge. Jayme started a puzzle to pass the time.
Of course Bryan was at all three and Bobbi was on the worship team so she was also. Ashley had gotten quite sick after coming back from Spain so she stayed home and Jayme and I went in, picked up Ferne and went to the 4:00 p.m. service. It was packed. But wonderful. After the service we three headed home and Bobbi and Bryan had one more at 6:00.
While we waited for them to come home for supper, Jayme and Grandma looked at Grandma's old college yearbook that someone had found. 
When Bryan and Bobbi got home we ate our traditional snack supper {you know, things like chicken bacon bites, meatballs, cheese, grapes and crackers, etc...} Then Ferne opened her gifts from us and we just had a nice time of talking and being together.
On Christmas morning, since the service wasn't until 10:45, we had our usual cinnamon rolls, coffee, little smokies and scrambled eggs. BUT this year before all that Bryan gave us a cello Christmas concert. 
He does a great job. 
After we ate, Bryan and Bobbi got ready for church, we cleaned up from breakfast and then Ferne went back home when they went in.
Ashley tried not to keep falling asleep but she needed the sleep so she gave in.
 Jayme and I kept wandering by the puzzle and working on it every once in awhile. We also started lunch and watched a little TV. 
When the service started I went on my computer and logged in to the live stream that they had set up. It was pretty cool. Since it is a free service there are little pop-up ads at the bottom of the page but otherwise it was a really great thing. I think all our services are now streamed live for people who are shut-in or just away and want to see the live service. 
 Of course I had to snap a picture of Bobbi on worship team.
And then Bryan speaking.
 I set the table and cooked the Christmas dinner.
We had a wonderful dinner together. Lots of laughing and talking. 
We opened our stockings.

 Bobbi and Jayme showing off their sport of choice shirts that were in their stockings.
People always say things like "Now, Jayme sings on worship right?" {Bobbi} or "Did I see Ashley eating out with Bryan the other day?" {Jayme}To Jayme: "Your the one that cuts hair right?"{Bobbi}"Bobbi is the one who is in Spain?"{Ashley} My point- I never really think they look so much alike...except when I see them in a picture, then I understand.
Ashley is showing off her Fire King Jadeite coffee mug from hers.
We ate some pie for dessert and opened some presents.
It was such a warm day that we opened the windows and door. 
Bryan found me this at an antique store. All the pieces were in it. I love old Fisher-Price toys.
 At one point I opened a little box from Bryan and inside was a note that said "Check your email" {actually Jayme had written the note so it said, "Yo, check yo email, gurrrrrllll"} so I got my phone and found this email. It says in the subject, "A Christmas Bike" and then says "Now go outside the laundry room door." Hummm what are they up to?
So I go out the door and Bryan walks around the corner with this...
A complete 1966 Corvair. AMAZING! I have three options...leave it the way it is and just display it, restore it to look brand new or completely redo it in my choice of colors...I can't decide, but I am leaning toward the second choice.
Right now it is right here...
He also got me an iPad. I am spoiled.
Bobbi gave me the pasta attachment for my KitchenAid mixer.
 So we had a little fun making noodles for supper.
I am better at it now that I figured out the sheet of dough needs a little flour on it before I put it through the noodle attachment. But the noodles were wonderful. 
There are three attachments, sheet, spaghetti and fettuccine. 
We ate the spaghetti and dried the fettuccine. 
Jayme got some Penguins {Her hockey team she loves} stuff. 
She had to make toast with the logo toaster she got.
We just spent a relaxing day watching some sports, opening some presents, eating some good food, taking some naps and enjoyed being together.
I am truly blessed. 

Friday, December 23, 2011

Whew...Wednesday and Yesterday...

On Wednesday after supper and all else, we all piled in Bryan's vehicle and headed to Omaha to pick Ashley up from the airport. She had her life in 5 huge bags and it was such a relief to get her home.
Yesterday she came in to Gieser's to see the kids and hang out with me all day. 
We had some sweet moments with the kids. They didn't know she was coming to spend the day. 
{I will apologize for the bad video work right from the start.}
I told Hudson to look for Bryan's vehicle since he was bringing a surprise for him. 
"I remember you."
She met Boden for the first time. 
He looked at her like he thought he knew her and seemed quite comfortable with her.
We went to the office and saw Andrea and Cindy. Ashley got a much needed adjustment.
I had arranged to pick Amiah up early from school and she was clueless that Ashley was waiting at the house for her.
Then Ashley went to supper with them and they brought her home.
To say the kids talked non-stop would be an understatement.

Church and My Birthday -

During the Advent season at church we have had a new large painting on stage for each theme. My theme that I was assigned was "King". This was my painting.
My sister, Raye, made this sweater and sent it to me for my birthday. Just call me Joseph. {favorite with a many colored coat} hahaha 
It is amazing. Thanks, Raye.
 Bobbi gave me these cute flowers. AND the next day she gave me new color and trim!
 Thanks, Bobbi.
 Bryan gave me this amazing IPhone cover.
 I was taking the picture with my phone so it wasn't in it... but it is so great!
Wallet and phone case. Thank, Bryan.
Jayme gave me some Pier One tasting party sets {early}!
Thanks, Jayme!
Ashley gave me some little cups from Spain. {last night}
Thanks, Ashley!
Bryan, Bobbi, Jayme and Ferne took me to supper at Famous Dave's.
It was a wonderful birthday.

Bobbi's Christmas Bingo -

Bobbi arranged a "Christmas Bingo" at Lancaster Manor on Sunday the 18th. One of her friends' came dressed as Santa and his kids came as a reindeer and an elf. They were adorable. I can't use the good pictures that I took because I promised not to show the resident's faces. But these are ok I believe. It was such a fun time. It was so sweet and thoughtful of her. 

Graham Cracker Houses Galore...

My friend, Kathy, hosts a Gingerbread House making party for my birthday/Christmas. 
It is a very competitive time for all of us.
My Converse All-Star High Top Shoe that the Old Woman lives in.
Dave's Military Hummer 
 Some of the mess we create. Kathy is a brave woman.
Doug's Mill on the Stream. 
Season's Pop up Book Castle 
 Abby showing me her Oreo teeth.
 Season, Jayme and Kathy
Not sure what just happened between these two but... 
 Hunter's design
 Jayme's Hockey rink {one of the players got hurt on center ice}
 Abby and her friend made this lovely creation.
Kathy's igloo with palm trees... 
 Clay's White House being attacked by a squid...
Amy did a mini version of their house.

oops, Tree Day...

We had gone to the game then came home and made some supper, watched a movie and set up the tree.
 We always have one little gift for each person to open, and the girls get their ornament for the year.

 They act strange and just generally have a good time.
 Then they actually put ornaments on the tree.

 And they still act strange...