Friday, October 28, 2011

Finally I am on this page!

I have been looking forward to getting to this page in my book that keeps my life in order for a long time!
Hard to believe it is almost here.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Maddy's visit {continued}

On Wednesday, Maddy chose to stay at home by herself and catch up on schoolwork. Grandpa, Grandma and Raye came out to spend the night.
Thursday she got a ride into town with Grandma, Grandpa and Raye in the morning and then she and I went out and about town until we had to pick up Amiah from school. We went to Barnes and Noble and played a couple hands of UNO. Then we went over to Michael's and looked at stuff for crafting there. Took some lunch over to Grandpa, Grandma and Raye and ate with them. Then we went to Super Target for a bit. When Amaih got home she was thrilled that Maddy likes to play Sorry. So they played a game and ate some popcorn.
 After that we headed home to cook hotdogs over the fire and have a campfire dessert.
That plane went over while we were starting our fire {Bryan is in it with his friend, Donn Stoner} They buzzed the house three times. 

 At this point it was just Jayme, Maddy and I. 
But the weather was amazing and no wind so we just had to have a fire.

 That's some good healthy eating right there...

 Bobbi joined us later but by this time we had moved up to the house and I had set up and outdoor movie theatre. We watched "UP". 
 My flash blanked out the movie in this but trust me it was showing.
Then yesterday, Bobbi had to have some surgery done and that took all morning. She is fine. 
When we got home she slept on the couch and we watched Harry Potter movies.
Then we took her home in the evening and Bryan met us and we went out to Aardvark Antique Mall and supper at Cracker Barrel. 
Maddy modeling the "ice cream cone" hat she found there. {we didn't buy it}
Today we decided that making more cookies was the order of the day.
 Her creations.
 Modeling her Harry Potter glasses cookie
Poor kid. I forgot to feed her lunch. 
Oh well middle of the afternoon beef stew is always good.
After that we went out and she gathered the eggs.

 There was one GIANT egg in with the other normal ones.
The End of Week 1

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday's child is full of grace...

So today...It started off nice. I got up, drank my coffee and started to work on the back log of blogging and house work. Then Jayme and Bryan left the house for work. Maddy was still sleeping. Then my phone rang and it was Jayme. Her car was making a funny noise and smoking so she pulled off the road. Called Bryan, headed out to get her and when I got there realized she wouldn't be driving anywhere. Bryan took her to work and I spent the next hour sitting in my car by hers on the side of the road waiting for the tow truck. Thank GOODNESS for AAA in our life lately. We have used it 2 times for towing this month. Got home and made something to have for supper later. Then Maddy got up and we made cookies and icing so we could decorate them.. Then Jayme needed a ride home from work so we went and got her.

While we were busy doing this Dad, Mom, Eric and Raye showed up for supper. So Raye tried her hand at decorating cookies. Ah another addict created.

Maddy's creations with a few of mine thrown in.
We had so much fun.

Monday Madness...

Maddy and I took the Bug in to work and since Amiah didn't have school we went to Hobby Lobby and got some crafting supplies and went back to the house to craft.

 Then we met Bobbi at Noodles for lunch. Maddy went with Bobbi to hang out at her house with Bobbi and Jayme. I finished my day of work, ran some errands then Bryan and I had a  lovely supper with Alicia and Jon. Got home about 9 p.m.

So then on Sunday...

Eric, my brother, Raye, my sister and Maddy, my neice all came. Maddy to stay with us for 2 weeks, Eric and Raye to help Mom and Dad get moved. Then Raye, Mom and Dad will drive back to Washington state and they will stay with Raye for a couple weeks/months until their house is ready in Bozeman. Eric is taking some of their stuff back and the moving truck is coming to haul the bulk of it. Sunday noon they all came out to lunch at our house.

After lunch Bryan, SuperMan, fixed the Bug for good and gathered the eggs.

Well, apparently a lot is going on...

On Thursday evening last week Bryan said "Let's take the bug for a drive, I think I got it all fixed" {fuel tank issue} So we got in and got about a 1/2 mile from home and it died. Oh the joys of an old car. 
That is Bryan in the mirror walking back to get the pickup to tow it home.
On Friday last week I was feeling a bit grouchy. {shocking, I know}
I had to be downtown Lincoln at 8:30 and I wanted to be home, I wanted to drive the Bug in and it wasn't working, my iPhone wouldn't connect with my iTunes...etc. 
Then as I drove into town this was the scene that God displayed for me. 
Somehow this just reminded me that my problems are small.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bobbi Got a Car!

Today Bobbi went up to Simply the Best Auto and picked up her "new" {to her} 2005 Toyota Scion.
What a cute little car! Perfect for a cute little girl.
This blogging mom forgot to take a picture of her with it this morning! 
I must be slipping!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

14th Annual Pulgogi Festival - Part 2

After the food we clear all the tables and the carving begins.
Oh, and dessert, 
which Ashley was so kind as to remind everyone to take one.
 Then I moved her over so she could join in the carving... 
{Jill said "That's just creepy..." then she touched her nose...}
Last year Cathy came in costume, this year Ashley was the only one who dressed up...literally.
 She was pretty quiet most of the night...

 Hudson wanted to carve a pumpkin "with Ashley" so...
He cleaned out one scoop then the trike took his attention away.
I had to step in and finish our pumpkin.

 Finley really stuck with this project.
 No idea what is going on here but this picture is just so stinking cute!

 I think Ashley is offering to hold Beckham but for some reason Cathy won't let her...

 Bryan had to practically drag Ashley back inside. Hahahaha 
{Please forgive me, Ashley, we miss you and wish you could have joined us.}
Clean up the mess we made and everyone heads home.

 Team Finley {with help from Grandpa Fred}
"Girl pumpkin" 
{classic face}
 Team Jake and Jill 
{went up a hill...hahaha you know you were thinking it...}
"War, what is it good for..."
 Team Fred
"Cinderella's carriage"
{might just be my favorite Fred creation to date}
 Team Jayme and Bryan
"Hockey goalie helmet" {with Penguins logo on the side.}
{Impressive carving!}
 Team Amiah and Amani
"Beautiful Girl"
{Best pumpkin by a 7 and 6 year old}
 Team Hudson and Patti {and Ashley}
"Red Angry Bird"
{yes, we did fall back on the lure of the popular video game...}
 Team Bobbi and Chelsey
"Lil Punkin" {I guessed Kesha...}