Friday, November 28, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving and the days before and after...

On Tuesday, November 19 I looked out and there were 6 swans a swimming...we have never had swans on the lake...ok enough with the songs. But they are beautiful and huge. They made the Canada Geese look small.
Friday, November 21 Ashley had Bryan and I over for dinner. It was delicious and I got some grandcat time with Dave.
Bryan's friend, Chan, dropped a statue that he had in his office so Monday Bryan repaired it for him. It went from lots of pieces to you can't even tell it was broken. Impressive.
Tuesday, November 25 I decorated some cookies for placecards at our Thanksgiving dinner.
Wednesday, November 26 there was no school so all the kids and Poppy came out to my house. We made waffles.
They boys taught Poppy how to use the remote control Bigfoot. Then staged a battle between Bigfoot and T-Rex.
Amiah went up and found her matching shirt to my flannel. 
Then she dug out an old sweatshirt of Boden's and put it on Poppy so she matched also.
They decorated Thanksgiving cookies.
Extreme concentration for about 45 minutes. I was impressed.
Then they all decided to "rest" on the loveseat. That lasted about 5 seconds...
Then it was Thanksgiving Day, November 27 ...over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house she went. 
Ashley is being thrilled that we are all there.
Trey is entertaining me with stories while I finish cooking.
Cutie with the cuties...
Who can resist when she walks up hugs your legs and says "Up please!" Not me.
While we were cleaning up she found a leg bone and started chewing on it. Then she decided I needed to try it.
Note the wonderful son-in-law back there doing dishes!! He's a keeper!
Bobbi was entertaining Oliver. Oli looks thrilled...
Bryan looks thrilled to have his picture taken...
These two were having a moment together.
Bobbi and Travis had an evening Thanksgiving with his family and so did Jayme and Trey so they all left in the early afternoon. I finished the few dishes that Travis didn't get done and when I walked into the family room this is what I saw...
I flopped down and joined the club! 
Today, Friday, November 28 I was writing this blog during the Nebraska game, got distracted by the tie game and all and accidently deleted the blog I had written so this is a re-write. 
Today is traditionally Tree Day (The day we put up the Christmas Tree in the Clark house) but you may notice I had it up on Thanksgiving. I just didn't decorate it. So tonight the girls were all going to be here. Ashley stayed over last night but poor Jayme woke up this morning extremely sick with the stomach flu so she is staying home. Trey had to go to work (Kay's Jewelers in Oakview Mall, Omaha) at 4:00 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. Yowza! No thanks. Poor guy. Life as an assistant manager. Bobbi had clients until 2:30 so she will be out in a bit and Travis had to go to work and sell cars on this crazy day. Life is changing but traditions are what they are because we make them and we will adapt and create new facets to them. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Bobbi turned 27 today.

Travis had a little party for her last night. Pizza and salad. I made dessert. I took some pictures but none are fantastic...
Bobbi and Josie.
Travis and Josie. She was in "time out".
Trey came after work. Jax was loving Jayme's attention. 
Like I said, not great pictures. 
Here's my cake, a decorated pumpkin roll.

Today we finally finished up clearing out Ferne's house. The closing is on Wednesday and it will be good to finish and have closure on this. 
When I woke up today I found a water mess in the basement. The hot tub room drain had backed up. So I dealt with that. Ok not completely, I still have to put all the stuff back where it belongs. Then when we went in to finish at Ferne's we left my car at Honda to get a lightbulb changed. When I went to pick it up it wouldn't start and oh yay...2 hours later I find out my starter is shot. So Bryan had to come back in and get me. I was as shot as my starter by that time. 
Tomorrow is a new day. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

16th Annual Pulgogi Festival

Yes folks, 16 years of this festival, which was held Sunday, October 26 this year. I can't believe Google calendar doesn't recognize it yet as an annual event. This year there were 40 people here. Growing all the time. What a fun time though. 20 lbs of meat, 4 cookers of rice, a roaster full of stir fried veggies and 65 eggrolls. Lots of cookies and cakes. Pumpkins were carved but not nearly as many as in the past. All these kids that need to get home to bed... hahaa and old people who need the same thing. 
 It was required of me to try out the eggrolls that I was going to serve. It is a cook's cross that she must bear. 
The Friday before Pulgogi Festival, Jayme and Trey asked me to go to Roca Berry Farm with them. His mom and sister were along also. So Fun. Poppy liked the corn bin.
The little family.
It was such a beautiful day!
On Saturday I put up a few of my decorations. Didn't go all out this year since I sort of has a busy weekend the weekend before. And I worked at the office three 10 hour days that week...
But the kids like a little bit of decoration so I did these.
Sunday came and after church I went with Jayme to Trey's soccer game.
Then home to start cooking.
I cook the meat out in the garage on my grill burner because I like the gas flame heat better than my electric stove and mostly I like the mess out in the garage and my house doen't smell like pulgogi for 3 weeks! It was such a beautiful day that it was nice to be out there. Meanwhile in the house, Ashley was frying eggrolls and Jake was cooking veggies. Well oiled machine. Thank goodness the rice cooker cooks the rice for me!
I had tables set up all over the house. Everyone found a place and the eating started.
I always forget to take lots of pictures...
Boden was dressing up to show Travis so Bobbi put on his mask.
Then it was hayride time. Strangely a lot of the parents put their kids on and walked away...but those of us that went had a great time!
The pictures are a bit blurry because it was so bumpy. 
And yes it was nice enough to wear tank tops.
Satchel laid his head on my shoulder the whole ride and sang songs as he looked out over the pond. "wawa fish, glub glub glub" it was a great song.
Easton was our youngest rider. 
Jayme and Trey carved a pumpkin with the Real Madrid logo on it and Hudson and carved a blue vampire pumpkin.
The night got away from us so the carving didn't really happen but it was still fun.
I had given all the kids a cookie decorating kit to take home so one of the mom's sent me pictures.
Roscoe was so excited.
I made a kit for Poppy also and she and I decorated hers on Tuesday, (October 28)

She loved doing this and we made a huge mess but it was fun.
On Wednesday the 29 I took Poppy and Boden out to my house to play. They had a great time and it was a beautiful day. Lots of sandbox time.
This cracked me up because they naturally went boy to workshop and girl to kitchen. Love it.
Boden dressed up and said "I'm such a hero rescuing her from the bad guys!"
Look how thrilled he is that she let him hold her. He thinks she's so little when they really aren't that far apart size wise.
Then they sat and rocked like two little old people. 
Random hugs and "LOVE YOU" from Poppy.
It was such a fun day.
Then I had a few days home and I had a chance to make a little project that Jayme asked me to make for Poppy's room.
Monday, November 1 and Tuesday, November 2 Bryan and I took a couple days and went out of town just to relax. 
Ever since we went to Spain he says my name like they do "Patrithia" but he sounds like the count so when we saw this count we needed to take a picture. As it was voting day I thought this fan was appropriate.
We found a Freddy's in Leavenworth, KS and if there was one in Lincoln I would be in trouble. I love their fries! 
On Wednesday, Boden and I went over to see Poppy. She calls him "Bobo" and he just loves her! 
Bryan had started tearing out the bathroom at Jayme and Trey's house and it turned into a week long project but the end result is amazing! Poppy wasn't too sure about him in there.

After hours of hard labor on Bryan's part...and a toilet in the living room...
New bathroom! no more mold and gross floor.

I am always so grateful for my very handy and patient husband. 
The dogs were glad to have us back around more also. So I had to play fetch with Oliver and pet Mae at the same time.
Yesterday when I woke up there was snow on the ground.
I had told Trey I would be in at 8 to watch Poppy. So I set out and it took me 45 minutes to drive from 70th and Hwy. 2 to their house on 27th and Hwy. 2. That isn't counting the 30 minutes into town. Hwy. 2 was a sheet of ice and there were accicents all over. NO THANKS!! Poppy and I just stayed in all day! 
We had a fun day playing and taking a nap! I must say it is pretty sweet when she runs up and says "Up please, gramma" Melts my heart. 
So now I have caught you up a bit I hope.