Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Get well card for Mae-

Amiah made Mae a card today...

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Poor Mae-

She's the neighborhood social dog. Makes the rounds to all the houses to say hello. Today it got her in a little trouble. She heard kids playing and ran to see and the dogs on the property attacked her. She should respect their territory. She has a couple bite wounds on her belly and is bruised and walking quite slow but I think she will be ok. Hope she remembers to stay away from that yard. I have warned her. Still I feel bad for her. She's staying pretty close to me this evening.

Sabbatical? What? Why?

Bryan is taking a sabbatical for the first time in 30 years. You would think the world was ending. Some of the rumors: he's involved in a scandal, he has a terminal illness, he's trying to find himself, his heart is acting up... Please note: We are fine, he isn't trying to find himself (he actually knows where he is) he isn't sick, and the last he checked his heart was fine. So the other day I was taking a load of stuff in to get ready for a garage sale and we decided if anyone saw me they would decide I was leaving him for all the above reasons. There by fueling the bazaar rumors people come up with.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Catfishing and campfire pizza -

Today was the opposite of yesterday. Amazing temperatures, light breeze and wonderful. I decided to trim the tree by the front porch. It really needed it. I think I skipped it last year. Not a good idea.
 After, so much better!
 Bryan was working on changing a belt on the bug so he took it for a little drive.
 We decided that it was just too nice to sit around in the house so we got the poles and went down to the pond to catfish. I put a little cello music on the iPhone and then we got to laughing about the combo of YoYo Ma and Catfishing. Bryan commented also that people were probably packing up from camping and getting ready to go home and we have that in our back yard. We are blessed.
 A mirror image. So calm
We didn't catch any fish (weird) so I created a campfire pizza. It was really good. 
A wonderful Memorial Day. Thanks to all who serve faithfully for our freedom to do these things.

Sunday = Wind

The wind seems to blow a lot on Sunday's. We were going to have a fire again and eat down there but it was too hot and windy and was supposed to storm. So we ate in the house and hung out in the air conditioning.
 While Jayme and I made some supper for everyone, Bryan got the shredder and shredded the lawn. Our lawn mower is in the shop being repaired (going on 2 months...) and it literally was long enough to be baled... So...we need to get the mower back.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

I forgot about my camera...-

Just remembered that I had pictures from the last couple weeks on my camera.
The first is a series of shots of Bryan killing the evil muskrats we have in the pond.
Too good not to post.
 The calm before the kill. Actually I love how this picture turned out. 

Then Jayme was out the next evening. She groomed the dogs for me and then was playing fetch with Oliver and we were seeing how high he could jump to get the ball.

He jumps better than I take pictures. I just couldn't get the really high jumps.
The girls asked if we could have a bonfire last Sunday.   It was a perfect night for being outside. Calm and cool. We got some hotdogs and stuff for s'mores. Ashley and I made some apple pies. Bobbi and her friend, Todd, came out later but while they waited Jayme and Ashley took pictures with my camera. I will not post all 68 that they took...but here is a sample...

Getting a tick off Oliver...#farmlife

 The Catalpa tree was in bloom so we walked over to pick some of the amazing blooms from it.

By the time we got to the bonfire my battery was wearing down so I snapped a few but by the time Bobbi got there is was dead.

We all hung out down there until about 10 p.m. Laughing and talking.
 I so appreciate my family.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cool and Collected-

My friend, Todd, owns the most amazing antique store. Cool And Collected. Today while wandering around there I found this. Can't wait to play.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Keyboard -

I ordered the new wireless keyboard for my iPad and it came today. I think this was a good investment. Happy typing from now on.

Genius, really...

Ever since we put in the bar stools we have needed a foot rest. It has been almost a year and we just couldn't come up with an idea. Then Saturday Bryan went out to the shop to create one and this idea was born as he dug through our "junk" pile. He used two old well pump heads and a hand rail from stairs! I love it. It's unique and creative. My part was filling the pump with tumbled glass and pouring clear liquid acrylic over it to look like water. (which you can see is still drying as of the taking of the pictures.) He's amazing.

Monday, May 21, 2012


Saturday, May 19, 2012


Last night Bryan and I went to the races in Beatrice. I see a Friday night tradition forming..."Gentlemen, start your engines!"

If I had been a pioneer...

There is no way I would have settled in Nebraska if the wind had been blowing. I love this state and my home but wind...not at all!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Remember Freedom or Death?

Well, I got home from church today and for 7 of my 8 chickens it was death. The cage of the 4 little white ones was torn open and they were all dead in a pile in there. The remains of two big red ones were in the tree belt. I haven't seen D-Biddy's feathers anywhere so possibly she is still around and one red one, Grapple Fork limped out of the barn when I called and she is safely locked in the hen house. So much for freedom.

Lincoln Berean Car Show -

Yesterday was the LBC Car Show. Not just your average car show. It is now one of the largest in the midwest. This weekend there were 180 entries. The Beetle was one of them. I am very proud of Bryan and all the work he put into this little car.
 Getting it ready for the show.
 The entries began to arrive at 9 and the show went until 4 p.m.
 The 4 Beetle entries. The little rust colored one won in the import class. 1958 VW.
 This is Mency. Her dad is a pastor at Iglesia Berea. Bryan told her that she could be his car model when they were judging. She is adorable. All she wanted was a ride in the Bug. 
So after the show I gave her a ride. 
 The weather was wonderful and tons of people came out to look at the cars. 
All in all a pretty fun day.
 Bryan's shirt and the ID card for the car.