Sunday, February 22, 2015

This week on the Tundra...

I tackled the storage container cupboard and that led to cleaning them all out because I would go to put something away in another one and that one would need cleaned out so what I thought might be a 30 minute job turned into an all day thing. But so worth it.
I really should have taken a before shot of all of them...and heaped coals of shame on my own head...
Jayme and Poppy came out for a visit and while they were here Poppy wanted to play a game on the iPad. So I found her a game where you decorate cookies. At some point in the game the voice says "Now it's time to eat the cookie." She lifted the iPad to her mouth and licked the cookie on the screen. I managed to just snap a picture the next time she did it. It was good for a few laughs.

Also, there's no mess like a grandkid mess...
Love it.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

It's been so cold...

This is what the dogs like to do in this cold, cold weather. And side note: My bosses are in Big Sky, Montana at a conference this week and she called today and told me that they ate outside because it was so nice out! Now that's just not fair! Our temperature today was 17 with a real feel of 0...
Yesterday I came upon this picture on the internet.
From Omaha World Herald, November 13, 1968 so I decided to make them yesterday. If you like the Runza Restuarant (It's a Nebraska thing) Runzas then this is very close. I mean, I have made them before but the dough of this really is the dough like in the restuarant.
Doesn't that make you hungry for a Runza? 
Trey had a meeting to go to today so we got to have Poppy over for awhile. She and Boden always have a good time.
They got out this old Fisher Price villiage and played with that for a long time.
Too cold to wear anythng but "cozy pjs" as Boden calls them.
It's been a fairly calm time these last few days. That's been nice. I am just ready for spring. 

My sweet little Valentine

Friday evening Bryan and I had a nice quiet time alone at home. He had been gone almost all evenings since we got home from Chicago so I just made us a nice Valentine dinner a day early.
Poppy's Gigi Beth, Trey's mom, did a photo shoot with her for Valentine's Day. This was the Valentine I got from her. Such a little sweetie.
Then on Valentine's afternoon and evening, since both our husbands were working, Jayme and I hung out with Poppy. We went out to the mall to visit Trey and eat some supper out there. Poppy was playing in the play place but as you can see from her face she thinks there were altogether too many kids out there. I agreed.
Then we went to supper. While we were eating we realized they all had on similar colors. PHOTO OP!
I love Poppy's look here. Too cool of words.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The things we do...

Bryan had a retreat in Nebraska City this past week after we got home from Chicago. He happened to leave a speaker for his iPad in the conference room. So after church we headed down there to pick that up. Since we were down there we decided to go by a few antique stores that are down there. At one of them the guy has a bunch of stuff in his back yard. Bryan found a small door just perfect for a project he has been working on in Bobbi and Travis' basement. Oh, wait, it won't fit in his we duct taped it to the rack on top...say what you want...
 It got us home. 
Bryan cracks us up quite often by making broad hints about pie or cookies or homemade get the idea. When he is hungry for something he asks questions like "Have you ever heard of someone making a pie.(or homemade noodles...) He's a real crack up! Monday it was homemade noodles. So I made him some. Beef and noodles. That is a meal that makes me think of childhood. They were delicious. I don't know why I don't always make them! . 
Especially since I have the pasta maker attachment for my KitchenAid. I really have no excuse.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Perfect snowman day

I went out to feed and water the horses and chickens and didn't need a coat. All that nice snowman snow was calling to me so I built a friend.
It's been a long time since I've done that!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Moody Founder's Week 2015

Lincoln looking snowy from the air.
We arrived in Chicago on Monday evening. They had gotten 19" of snow.
We arrived on time but sat in the plane on the runway for an hour waiting for our gate to be clear. I snapped this pictures if the gigantic snow plows clearing runways.
We went to supper at Grand Luxe Cafe and got seated in the round room that sits out over Michigan Ave. it is such a cool view. 
I took this picture from our 13th floor room but also to show the most expensive cup of coffee I think I've ever had. $19.57 for the pot...
We got picked up and taken to Moody. Bryan spoke and then Ron Hutchcraft spoke. After that we ate lunch with the Alumni. This year was Bryan's 35th reunion. Bryan did an awesome job speaking. 
That afternoon snow started to fall thick and fast. But we went out and about anyway. Hey, we were in Chicago!!
It really was pretty, wet, but pretty.
Of course we went to get pizza at Giordano's. We met up with Bryan's good friend from his college days, Dave and his wife, Renee. It was fun to see them. 
As we were walking back to the hotel we saw this shop front. Of course I had to take a picture.
Then off to the airport this morning. I've never seen a plane de-iced so I snapped this picture of the de-icing. 
We came back to several more inches of snow but we are home! 
Fun to go but always good to be home!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

In like a lion...

After almost two weeks of spring like weather, February decided to be winter. 
Bryan and I were scheduled to leave at 3:00 p.m. to go to Chicago. Our flight was cancelled and church was cancelled so we just stayed home by the fire and enjoyed a peaceful day. 
United, after an hour on hold, got us a flight out today. Why are we going to Chicago, you ask? Well, over a year ago or more Bryan was asked to be a speaker at Moody Bible's Founder's Week 2015. The super bowl of Christian speakers. That day has arrived and he speaks on Tuesday, February 3. It is such an honor for him and especially since he attended there so many years ago. 
I very proud of him! So Chicago here we come.