Thursday, September 29, 2016


"See, Oliver likes it when I hold him."
"I need to take a picture of myself in these glasses."

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Go Big Red

A gentleman from church had offered us tickets to the Husker game for Saturday, September 10 and since Bryan didn't have to preach and the game was at 11:00 we decided to go. Bobbi wanted to go, Ashley and Jayme had a baby shower to go to, Travis had to work and since Trey didn't have to work he went also. The 4 of us had a good time cheering on the Huskers. We only get to go to maybe one a year so when we can go we like to take advantage of joining the sea of red. Bobbi ran 9 miles on the way to the stadium. She is a champ! Training for a 1/2 marathon in November.
We were under a nice shady balcony. The weather was perfect and the Huskers won. All around good day.

Set Painting and Surgery

Our friend, Jill, is a teacher at Norris High School she also directs their annual musical. I helped her dad paint the set he built last year so she asked me to help again this year. The musical is "Grease" this year. So I did three signs on Tuesday, September 6.
I did take one home to finish as it was getting late when I finished at the school.
Then Wednesday, September 7 Jayme had rotator cuff surgery on her right shoulder. 
Jayme took a couple selfies of her after surgery.
Thursday, September 8 I painted at the school in the morning and finished that up and then went in to help Jayme with a few things while Trey was at work.
The arrow still needs lights on it but other than that it is done.
The scoreboard is finished and in its place.
The high school doors and steps are done.
Ready for the show. Jill does a very good job with the musical and her dad does a great job building set for her. I really enjoy helping with the painting. Jayme is doing so well. I am so glad that she will be able to be pain free when this is all healed.

Kansas City Renaissance Festival and World's Of Fun

Sunday, September 4 We headed down to Kansas City for the Renaissance Festival. I think Jayme started planning this last October! Poppy was so excited to wear a fairy costume and see Mermaids and princesses and fairies. She got all her wishes. First things first though! Ride a camel with her dad.
Two fairies entering the fairy kingdom! Jayme and Poppy.
There was a unicorn to be petted with Ashley. The fairy wings had come off by this time. She informed us she could still fly if she just flapped her arms.
And mermaids and a merman to get a picture with.
They gave her a treasure from their treasure chest.
We wandered around and watched some craftsmen and women working their craft. We ate a delicious smoked turkey leg and potato skins. 
There was a parade of all the Lords and Ladies, Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses, Jesters and performers! Then on to the jousting ring!
I believe Sir Leon was the crowd favorite but the other guy knocked him off his horse so...sorry, Sir Leon.
After the joust we found a face painting booth and completed the fairy costume!
Took a ride on the swings which were turned by 4 boys in the center.
Rode the llama 
Whew! Tired and dirty we got in the car to head to World's of Fun Village to our cabin that we were staying in for the night. As we were driving I heard "my feet are so dirty!! I need a wipe!" So I handed wipes back and she washed her feet. Then she needed more because she wanted to get her face paint off. By the time we got to our cabin she was pretty cleaned up and I was out of wipes. 
When in Kansas City one must find a BBQ joint to eat at so Trey did some research and found a place. Gates BBQ. It was unique to say the least. You ordered at a counter but everyone was yelling and you were never sure if they actually heard you or if you just took what you got and didn't complain. No reason to complain, the food was delicious. Just a little stressful for the new person ordering. You could tell the regulars had the system down. We headed back to World's of Fun Village and our cabin. After baths and a snack we all crashed. Poppy and I camped out in the loft. As Trey was taking her up to put her to bed she turned around and said to me "Come on, Pad! Let's go!" So now Trey keeps calling me "Pad".
Monday, September 5, Labor Day. World's of Fun and Ocean's of Fun day. 
As we were walking in Poppy was trying to step on everyone's shadow. Then she and I watched the other 4 go on a ride. After that we left them to their rides and we headed over to Planet Snoopy and some age appropriate rides.
A ride in the Red Baron's plane.
We went on a roller coaster. Then gave Snoopy a kiss!
I'm sure that is super sanitary but what can you do...
Next was an attempt at a rocket ride but major tears began to fall when she realized she had to share the rocket with other kids. It was pretty hilarious and the girl running the ride treated her very kindly but also said "Ok, Hop off" when she said she didn't want to share. 

Chatted about sharing and no problems after that.
Took a train ride then headed out to find the others for lunch.
I had my picture taken in front of Peppermint Patty's candy shop.
We all went on the Viking Voyager and got wet so Poppy and I changed into swimsuits and headed toward Ocean's of Fun. The other 4 had a couple rides to conquer. We thought she could ride on Fury of the Nile but she was too short so we watched the others ride on that one.
Then we went to swim. Refreshing after the heat in the park. It was a fun, full day and after supper we headed home. We really missed having Bobbi and Travis with us for the weekend but we also do understand when they can't be with us.

It Was HARLEY a Vacation...Days 6 and 7

Thursday, September 1 we packed up and headed out of Hot Springs. It was cloudy, windy and we were wondering if it was going to rain. But no rain just really windy over those prairies.
As we entered Nebraska the sun came out but the wind stayed! Goodness. I was so happy to see this sculpture because it meant we were almost to Rod and Shelly's house. The wind just made us weary.
We had dinner and spent the night with Rod and Shelly. Nice to see them and talk.
Friday, September 2 we headed out again, for home this time. We stopped in Grand Island for a cup of coffee. Bryan told the girl his name was Byron...he got such a kick out of himself. 
We got back to Lincoln about 1:00. I picked up my car at Ashley's, Bryan returned the bike to Greg and got his vehicle. We came home, unpacked everything into the laundry! And took a deep breath and started getting ready for the weekend.vIt was a fun time. 

Monday, September 12, 2016

It Was HARLEY a Vacation...Day 5

'Wednesday, August 31 - We left Deadwood and headed down the road toward Mount Rushmore, Keystone and Custer State Park. 
Mount Rushmore just such an iconic American destination. And yet I am amazed how many people haven't been to it. 
Here we are two motorcycle helmet heads in front of the famous president heads.
We ate lunch in Keystone and then headed down route 16A. The winding, twisting road down from the faces. There are several tunnels you go through and at one point your twist around and are facing the faces through a set of two tunnels. Here we are entering them.
You can see the faces through the the cut in the trees. 
Here is a zoom in on the middle of the last photo. Obviously you see them the whole time it is just hard to translate that in photo. 
These turns were 10 mile an hour turns...steep sides, cars, possible wild life....death grip on Bryan...He did amazing and got us safely down off the mountain. Then we entered the park. As we approached the visitors center there were tons of buffalo all over the lawns. That is a little intimidating on a motorcycle. They were on the side of the road. I could have reached out and touched some of them I think.
But they are amazing, majestic animals and I loved seeing them.
There are wild burros in the park...they decided to make life difficult for the motorcycle riders. This Jack came and stood really close to us (hind legs facing us...) because there was a Jenny and her colt on the road and I believe he felt that we were a threat. They just would not move. Finally we just eased out way past them.
We saw so much wildlife all the way through the park. It was very cool.
The road took us back to Hot Springs where we spent the night before starting the ride home. The whole time we had perfect weather. No wind, great temperatures and not much traffic at all. Just perfect for the bike riders. So we found a motel in Hot Springs and went to a place called "Woolys" for supper. 

It Was HARLEY a Vacation...Day 4

Tuesday, August 30 - We woke up to another perfect day. We wandered around Hill City for awhile until it warmed up a bit for riding. This buffalo statue was at an intersection in town and it was so cool I had to take a picture of Bryan by it. Then a bit later we wandered into an art gallery and we're looking around. There was a clay model of a life size wolf in the gallery. A sculpture in progress. A lady walked up and started to explain the process to us and what she was doing etc. Turns out she was the artist who had done the buffalo. Suffice it to say she is very good!. 
Hill City is the site where "Sue" the t-Rex was found and also "Stan" the t-Rex. There is a dinosaur museum there but we didn't go to it. Some other time.
We got back on the bike and headed up the road to Deadwood. This is the town where Wild Bill Hickock was killed. 

Bryan and Wild Bill.
We like to watch a show called "Gunslingers" and they have featured just about all of these famous Cowboys and Killers. So it was fun. Then we ate pizza in a bar on the Main Street and after we were done there was a "Wild Bill" actor outside the bar telling people to come and see the story of his murder. So we wandered in and watched that. Then they told us to go outside and watch the capture of Jack McCall after he shot Wild Bill so we went out and watched that. When they arrested Jack they walked us all up Main Street and around the corner to the courtroom. It was right across the street from our hotel "The Franklin" built in 1903. Very cool old hotel.

 So we went into the courtroom and had to pay $6 to see the end but it was worth it. It was so hilariously hokey it was amazing. They knew they were hokey and were just so funny! They used people from the audience for the jury, the witnesses and chose a little girl for the sheriff. She took her job very seriously!! Apparently they put the show on every evening in the bar, street and courtroom. 
We have had so many people say "Deadwood is just a gambling town! We don't go there." Well yes every hotel is a casino but there is also lots of history there and you don't have to gamble! So we enjoyed it throughly.