Tuesday, April 29, 2014

24 days later...

My last post was 24 days ago! Honestly, I don't know how time gets away from me.
Backtrack to...
I wandered out to my garden to see what that green was that was by the bike tire and had no memory of planting a bunch of tulips out there...must have been when we were in the fall fog of looking toward Bryan's heart surgery...but I am glad I did because now they looke like this. Well, the ones that the rabbits left me look like this.
If you remember from the last post, we salvaged this old mop bucket. I decided I needed a side table by the recliner so I made a top from the wood that Bryan salvaged and there it is, a side table with storage.
Bryan is currently very into information on Bigfoot. I am concerned that our next vacation we take may include a search for Sasquatch...but seriously...I am.
One morning we woke to this...fortunately it went away fast.
Mae was a bit confused as to why it was back.
I said "Mae, it's Spring, it's Nebraska you should know this."
That Monday evening we had some company over for supper. All the girls, Travis, Jen and Will Henry and their beautiful little boy Liam, Prince and Pilar Amukamara and their hilarious dog, Stitch. It was a fun night of reconnecting and getting to know Pilar a little better. Jayme loves Stitch.

Then on Wednesday Jayme, Ashley and Jayme's friend, Trey and his little girl, Penelope (Poppy) came out to hang out and eat supper with me.
Then on to getting ready for Easter Sunday. Ashley, Jayme and I went to the Saturday evening service, Bobbi was on worship team that weekend  and of course, Bryan was preaching. For lunch on Sunday all of us, Travis, Ferne, Sandra, Alicia, Jon, Navy, Satchel, Bruce and Cheryl were here. It was a beautiful day, a bit breezy but warm. 
Had to get out the car and tractor so the kids could do some Sunday driving.
As I took this picture of Navy, I said "looks like you and I have the same hair" She looks at me and says "Please don't talk to me. I'm shy."  I cracked up!!
Satchel just posed for me.
Mae was taking logs off the wagon and trying to get to something in there. She threw about 6 on the ground. It was pretty funny.
Bryan and I ended that busy day with a fire down on the patio and just enjoying the weather.
Bryan has been building a closet into the basement at Jayme's. She wanted an old screen door to have for her door. Then put lace in the openings instead of screen. I happened to have an actual door that had no glass in the arched openings so she decided she liked that. I spent a very warm and sunny Tuesday out on the deck putting lace into that and sealing the old paint onto the door.
I got some lovely sun and had fun in the process.
The next day was cold and very rainy. Of course Hudson had a field trip to the Ager Nature Center out at Pioneers Park. Of course it was pouring rain when Boden and I got there. Of course the guide we had thought it was no big deal to walk 10 kindergarten kids and 5 adults and a 3 year old on muddy paths in pouring 45 degree rain to see nature. 
The teacher walked past me at one point as I was struggling to push the stroller and said "I don't know about you, but I am going to need a large Cappucino after this!" Hudson just kept saying "I don't sink I wike field trips." I'm with you, buddy!
So after school we drove through Starbucks and got hot chocolate! 
Then on Friday, Spring being what it is, we were presented with a beautiful day and that was good because Ashley was having a backyard birthday party for her friend, Nikki. I made a little cake for her and decorated it with cookies. Nikki loves Peeps candy so I made the bunnies look like peeps.
Then last night, Monday, we had a little birthday party here for Jayme. All of us, Travis, Jill, Jordan, Trey and Poppy were here to celebrate her.
She loves dinosaurs so I made her a cake that was a dinosaur dig. We had a great time. Lots of laughing and being entertained by Poppy.
And today Jayme is 23. Wow. 
This just doesn't seem that long ago. So glad that God is always in control and knew that we needed a Jayme in our lives. Can't imagine my life without any of these three amazing girls!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Life and a salvage Sunday

Jayme called me a couple weeks ago on a Thursday evening and after going to the Dr. I brought her home to recuperate from food poisoning. Poor girl. She had worked that whole day feeling about as miserable as anyone can. She is feeling better now.
Bobbi gave Hudson a haircut. So cute. Both of them.
It was that time of year. Time for Bryan to sort the fishing tackle.
Last Sunday we went out to an acreage where a man from church has some abandoned buildings. Ashley came a long. She wore her work clothes. Hey the boots are work clothes. We did some demo and salvaged some good wood.

We found some good stuff. Thank goodnes Ashley had a red t-shirt in her car that we could use for a flag. We also celebrated Travis' birthday that day. I made him a Strawberry-Rhubarb pie. It's his favorite.
I've been busy this week making things to sell at the Mission's Bake Sale this Sunday after church. In June Bryan and I are going with a group of 30 people to Malaga, Spain to work at Springs of Life Camp helping Glenn and Sue fix up some stuff at camp. I am really looking forward to the trip. 
 I made some cookies shaped like Spain and decorated them like the flag of Spain. Some Easter Egg cookies. Some Southwest bear cookies. Some breads.
All in all a pretty fun couple of weeks.