Sunday, July 31, 2011

What have I been up to?

Because I know you are all dying to know...
This past week I made 100 of these...
100 of these...
and re-covered this. 
That is the bottom of one of the VW seats. I'm pretty excited. Bryan looked at it and then in a high girly voice says "Oh, who did the seats? Patti, did you do those? They look so nice." "Who picked out the color of the car? Patti, it looks so nice." hahahaha We have a standing joke in our house. Bryan does all the work and people notice the stuff I do. Tomorrow he is planning on painting the rest of the car. I can't wait to see it!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

"Can I invite some friends out for supper?" -

Bobbi sent me that text yesterday at about noon. 
"Sure" is what I sent back.
"Ok, it will be 6 boys"
The 6 "boys" happened to be the band "Static Cycle" from Alaska and their manager, David. 
They are finishing up their tour and have a concert in Lincoln on Saturday night. Bobbi met one them years ago because he needed a hair cut. 
So I went out to the freezer and grabbed 3 racks of ribs and a package of chicken out and started those thawing and baking. {p.s. I have found the secret to ribs is start them frozen. I baked these at 300 from noon until 5 p.m. usually I do all day at 200-250} Then I quickly made up a broccoli/bacon/raisen pasta salad. The house was a disaster. So whirlwind clean-up and then I had to take a shower because I did need to go to work for a little bit in the afternoon. We had a great time. They ate a ton of food and hung out talking and laughing with Bobbi and Jayme. While I was talking to David {the manager} he said "We meet a lot of people along the way doing this, A LOT, and I just want to tell you that Bobbi is one of the most quality people we have ever met. She is amazing. And I get the feeling that your other two girls are just as quality." 
Well, that right there just more than made my night. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


My Trumpet Vine that is. 
5 years later...

Monday, July 25, 2011

It seems fitting -

This is my 300th post and it is our 30th {have I mentioned that? hahahaha}
We went on an overnight to St. Joseph, MO because there are lots of antique stores along the way and in St. Joe.
 I found a this place to stay.

 We felt right at home because the lounge outside our room had couches that matched our little family room chairs. It was a very nice place. Really fun decor and very, very clean and comfortable. 
We ate supper at Cheddar's Cafe. Never eaten at one of those. It was good.
At one of our stops I found this guy. 
In case anyone needs a man...although without arms he won't be much help around the house but I bet he is a good listener.
Then we came home and ate spaghetti and made homemade ice cream.
It was a good two days together.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Things you shouldn't do -

Like move your daughter back home when the heat index is 107.
But we got it done. Heat or not. 

"Heat Index" Art- Revisited -

 The wrappers were starting to darken from the wax melting inside them. 
A breeze was blowing from the west so I moved them down out of the breeze.
 The ones on the right were definately melting faster. 
I told Jayme the cool colors just couldn't take the heat. 
 I put foil under it to reflect the heat and catch the dripping wax.
 Good thing I did. 
Not sure that my artistic expression should extend to the deck floor.
 I had to leave to go to town for several hours so I left it like this.
 When I came home this was where it was stuck so I brought it in because it was going to storm.
I went downstairs, got out my heat gun and learned a few things. 
1. The person who did the one I saw must have used 3 sets of crayons to get his effect.
2. The heat gun does a better job then the sun and wind.
3. I like the outcome none the less.
So I hung it on an old door that I have propped against the living room wall.

As Mentioned Before...

Bryan and I will celebrate our 30th Anniversary on Monday, July 25.
That got me thinking about the "letter that changed my life".
In December of 1979 I lived in Montana and Bryan was going to school at Moody Bible.We had maintained a friendship that started when we were 14. It wasn't a super close friendship but we somehow always kept in touch. Well, we had seen each other that summer {1979} and done some stuff together. He went back to school and I was in Montana. ANYWAY...on December 3, 1979 he sent me a letter.
It was an open, honest, heartfelt letter and it changed my life.
After I read it, I knew that if someone cared enough about me to, in a sense, "lay their heart on the line", I was safe in allowing myself to take a risk and return those feelings. 
I am glad I did.
I have learned things being married for 30 years:
1. Being married is way easier than dating.
2. Being married is hard work but worth the effort.
3. Being married doesn't mean you lose yourself,
 it means you find your better self.
4. Being married is enhanced by adding children.
5. Being married is more about someone else than about myself.
6. Dull and boring is a state of mind that I can control.
7. Being loved for who I am is comforting.
8. Being comfortable with someone isn't boring.
9. Knowing that at the end of the day I fall asleep next to the person who loves me best is the best sleep aid I know.
10. That sometimes you do stuff because the other person enjoys it and that makes it fun.
11. Laughing about yourself, with someone who accepts you, is freeing.
12. Mowing the lawn gives you a good tan.
13. Sharing an ice cream cone as newly weds, because you don't have enough money for two, is good for you.
14. Having hobbies and interests different from each other is healthy.
15. Dinner as a family is important and hilarious.
16. Holding the ones you love with an open hand is vital.
17. Making someone laugh is invigorating.
18. Building a house together isn't that hard.
19. Building a home together just takes more investment. {of your heart}
20. Making your own holidays makes life more interesting.
21. Patience
22. Humility
23. Respect
24. Your spouse's injuries will bother you more than your own.
25. Taking a cup of coffee to someone every morning, if possible, is a small thing.
26. The small things mean a lot.
27. Just listening is sometimes harder than you think.
28. Hearing "You will have to pick out a piece of jewelry to comemerate this occasion." will never get old.
29. Loving someone for "as long as you both shall live" doesn't have an escape clause.
And finally,
30.That God put that person in your life because they are the best person to help you learn who God wants you to be and help you understand how God loves you.

"Heat Index" Art-

I saw this idea on a website.
This isn't the finished product. 
The object is that the crayons will melt down the canvas.
I suppose patience is in order here...but I did have to laugh that the one day I need the heat index to go over 100 it is rather pleasant and breezy at our house.
So I wait. While I waited I cleaned out the sink fountain on the deck and got it going again. I had found this sink in an old farm house that we were junking in several years ago and Bryan said "What are you going to do with that?" and I said "Make a fountain." So I dug around in the shed for some old wood {the legs of the table are the old legs of Bryan's bunk bed when he was young.} Then I put a top on the table and tiled it. Put the sink in and hooked up a heavy duty fountain. It didn't I ran a wire into the faucet and realized that many spiders had built "nests" in there and that took care of the problem. It has sat on the deck for a couple years without running because the dogs would drink all my water out of the big container.  I added the bucket and that makes it so they can't get to the water. 
p.s. The little blue bowl in it is my absolute favorite Crate and Barrel "Addison" bowl that I broke and can't let go of. 

Friday, July 22, 2011

We are 3-0.

There is a movie, "Ghost and Mr. Chicken", starring Don Knotts {Bryan's favorite actor} and in that movie he holds up the "OK" sign and says "I'm 3-0" instead of  OK. So now that's what I think of when I see that hand signal. Why do I say this? Well, on Monday, Bryan and I will celebrate our 30th anniversary {It sounds so weird to say that. I don't think of us as that old.} and "We are 3-0" and much more than "ok", we are great. I am so thankful that God gave me just what I needed in a husband. Grateful that Bryan is the man that he is and loves me just the way I am. 


This was at 6 yesterday morning. It was POURING rain.
After almost two weeks of over 100 heat index, it was beautiful.
 {looks like I need to take the trimmer to that Wisteria on the porch}
Bryan's comment here was "Now the VW is taking over your kitchen." 
I did have to laugh. But just wait, it will be amazing when it is back together and taking over my driveway.
* * * * * * * * * * *
I was taking the kids somewhere and I needed gas. 
Hudson said "What you doing, Patti?"
I said "Getting gas in my car."
He said {huge disgusted sigh} "WHY that gas always running out your car?"
Good thought.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A section at a time...

Yesterday Bryan asked me to tape off and cover the dash
 so he could paint it tonight.
That was my 1/2 hour of time I have put in on the car so far, 
compared to his hours and hours. 
This is going to be so amazing.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Watermelon Knife -

I saw this knife in a magazine awhile back and thought:
A. That is the cutest knife I have ever seen.
B. I need that knife.
C. I bet that I will have to order it since I will probably never find it in Lincoln.
D. I want that knife.
E. I wonder how much it costs?
F. OH no matter what it will be worth it. It is a Kuhn Rikon. And it's cute.
G. I wish I had that knife.
 Guess what? 
A. It is still the cutest knife I have ever seen.
 B & D. I have that knife
 C. I was wrong, I found it at Habitat in Lincoln.
E. It only cost $24.95.
F. It didn't matter because it is a Kuhn Rikon which I love.
G. Bet you wish you had one. I know I did.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

"What does a person have to do..."

" get breakfast on a Saturday in this house?" - Jayme
"Get up around 8." - me
So she did.
I made her breakfast but turned it into a photo shoot because the egg was picture perfect.

Friday, July 15, 2011

A First for me...

My first midnight showing of a movie that is.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 came out last night and Bobbi invited me to go with them. They had gotten to the theatre at 7 p.m. to get in line for good seats. I just came into town at 10:30 so I am not actually sure I "experienced" the premier as I should have. But my lovely daughters made it very easy for me. It was a fun time with them and a good movie. Definitely worth being up until 3 a.m. for. Their friends behind us dressed up. They certainly weren't the only ones who did. Obviously the little glasses were because the movie was in 3-D. The first people there got Harry Potter shaped glasses. I borrowed Hilary's for the picture because mine were just standard issue. 
Thanks, Bobbi and Jayme, for the invite.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Saltdogs Baseball Game-

Every year we go to a Saltdogs game with Kroekers.
Every year Kathy and I don't really watch the game.
We really just sit there with our feet on the dugout roof and talk about everything.
And make comments...about everything.
 And every year 'Homer' hangs out by Bryan.
 Trying to get his attention. {Probably someone who knows him}
No words for this...
The weather was amazing. Usually we get rained on. 
{It's a Clark/Saltdogs Game thing}

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Couch Fenders & Laundry Hoods...

This room is known as "the clean room".
No one uses it much.
So why not store the newly painted fenders to the VW in it so they don't get any over-spray on them when painting the other parts out in the shed?

These are the replacement interior parts and pieces that still need to go into the car when it is done being painted. 
Why not store them on the dining room table?
 And here is the hood {no...not the a VW the hood is at the back.} awaiting reattachment in the laundry room. 
Do I have a problem with any of this? NO. It is worth it. Look at that color and just imagine how adorable that little aqua bug is going to be! I am so proud of Bryan and all the hard work that he has put into this little {huge} gift to me. 
He is definitely earning that Peanut Buster Parfait. 

Monday, July 11, 2011

Afternoon Espresso -

I always come home from tour exhausted and excited.
I do love being with those kids for the week and hearing their stories, but I am exhausted from "taking care" of 80 people for a week. For the first time ever I had something that I had to do the day after and that is take care of the kids. But they were great and we had a good day. Andrea took this picture of us when she came home for lunch. 
I am just happy I don't look half dead...

Esprit 2011 - Something More Tour -

As I said before we were at the Denver Rescue Mission for one evening of tour.
This little girl was such a happy little 3 year old. 
I think we all wanted to take her home.
Notice in the last video that she gets into line in the front row of the choir. 
So sweet.

She really did try to sing along once she had heard some of the songs.
And the final bow.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Rescue Mission Concert-

We set up in beautiful Colorado sunshine. Then some clouds moved in and the next thing we knew it was POURING rain. Tornado sirens were going off, the guys were throwing equipment through the door and water was pouring into the building under other doors and windows. So adapt, move inside and give it in the Crossing Cafe here at the Mission.

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Monday, July 4, 2011

Food, Family and the 4th -

Decided to make it festive and use my burger baskets.
Ribs, cornbread, baked beans and macaroni-corn bake. 
A fun meal to make and eat.
Oh and some cookies.

Color is going on the VW -

 Bryan decided that it was a good day to put the paint on the fenders.
 There they are with one coat on them, hard to tell in this light but...
 That is the color. I love it! 
 Little bit warm in the shed.
 He dislocated his knee a couple weeks ago while working on the bug and it is not helping that it has gone back out twice more and hurts. 
He's a hard worker. 
Not going to let a little thing like his knee going out stop him.