Monday, December 15, 2014

The weeks roll on...

The Saturday after Tree Day, Jayme was still sick and needed some help with Poppy so I went in and hung out with her. 
I gave her a little deer that I had made for her. She is the best 18 month old to give gifts to because she gasps when she sees what she has gotten and if it is clothes she insists on putting them on right away. I had also found a pair of pjs at Walmart that looked like Santa. Had to put those right on.
Sorry about the blurry pic. Also the Santa hat was dug out and had to be put on with them. She has fashion sense. She was watching out the door while Ashley put up her lights on the big tree in her yard then when Ashley lit them up she just kept gasping. It was so cute. And yes, it was so warm that day I had to open windows because the house got too warm. 
Then we folded some clothes...she decided to put a shirt on as pants. 
Nailed it.
Bobbi cut my hair even shorter. I really like it. So easy. Back to the old days...
I got the urge to make a gingerbread house that wasn't miniature so I made one for the ladies at the salon.
It was so fun to do. Every single thing on there is edible. Not that you would want to eat it but you could. The sled says "Plush Flyer" because the salon is called "Plush" and the dog house has Jax and Josie's names above the door. 
I made lollypop candy to pour into the window spaces and then put tiny battery operated lights inside it. 
On Wednesday evening Amiah and I went out on a girls night. It was fun. I mean how bad can it be when you get Cherry On Top...
Friday Bobbi and Travis left for New York. They had planned this trip so that they could be there for a Giants football game and to see NYC lit up for Christmas.
Saturday Jayme came out to hang out with me and we wrapped some presents and watched very sappy Hallmark Christmas movies. Tis the season.
Mae wasn't helpful because she wanted to be right by Jayme and kept sitting on the paper and tape. They love it when Jayme comes out.
Sunday Bobbi sent us some pictures. Her friends Prince and Pilar Amukamara, had gotten them tickets to the game. Prince is currently healing from surgery so they didn't get to see him play but Giants were playing the Redskins and her friend, Roy, plays for them so they did get to see him play. 
Pilar and Bobbi. Two beautiful women!
Travis and Bobbi down on the sidelines. What fun. They get home tonight sometime late.
Sunday evening Bryan, Ashley, Jayme and I went and did a little final shopping and then wandered around Aardvark Antique Mall and ended up at Cracker Barrel for dinner. It was fun. Jayme tried on a Santa mask...
Hohoho Merry Christmas.

Back to Tree Day

I must go back to Tree Day. Bobbi came out and we had some appetizers and then I talked Bryan, Ashley and Bobbi (the only ones here) into making little gingerbread houses with me. I have a cookie cutter that cuts out all the parts at one shot so I had made some pieces up ahead of time. It was fun and funny.
Bobbi is telling Ashley about her nightmare. It was intense. I won't go into detail. 
Then she graciously clipped Oliver's nails for me. When he gets anything like that done you have to play fetch with him for awhile as a reward so as soon as she was done he ran, found a ball and gave it to her. If I even pull a burr out of his hair he thinks he needs a reward for good behavior. 
On to the decorating...and laughing.
There were also some disgusted remarks when the houses fell apart...
I think Bryan may have said "Oh for crying out loud" several times. Believe me they were doing this because I wanted to and I loved that they did.
So sad that Jayme was so sick and that Travis and Trey had to work. (Bryan probably wished he had been at work...)
Soon I looked up from my creating and they were gone into the living room and the remains of one of Bryan's was on his plate...but they hung in there and it was a blast.
A cute row of tiny houses.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving and the days before and after...

On Tuesday, November 19 I looked out and there were 6 swans a swimming...we have never had swans on the lake...ok enough with the songs. But they are beautiful and huge. They made the Canada Geese look small.
Friday, November 21 Ashley had Bryan and I over for dinner. It was delicious and I got some grandcat time with Dave.
Bryan's friend, Chan, dropped a statue that he had in his office so Monday Bryan repaired it for him. It went from lots of pieces to you can't even tell it was broken. Impressive.
Tuesday, November 25 I decorated some cookies for placecards at our Thanksgiving dinner.
Wednesday, November 26 there was no school so all the kids and Poppy came out to my house. We made waffles.
They boys taught Poppy how to use the remote control Bigfoot. Then staged a battle between Bigfoot and T-Rex.
Amiah went up and found her matching shirt to my flannel. 
Then she dug out an old sweatshirt of Boden's and put it on Poppy so she matched also.
They decorated Thanksgiving cookies.
Extreme concentration for about 45 minutes. I was impressed.
Then they all decided to "rest" on the loveseat. That lasted about 5 seconds...
Then it was Thanksgiving Day, November 27 ...over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house she went. 
Ashley is being thrilled that we are all there.
Trey is entertaining me with stories while I finish cooking.
Cutie with the cuties...
Who can resist when she walks up hugs your legs and says "Up please!" Not me.
While we were cleaning up she found a leg bone and started chewing on it. Then she decided I needed to try it.
Note the wonderful son-in-law back there doing dishes!! He's a keeper!
Bobbi was entertaining Oliver. Oli looks thrilled...
Bryan looks thrilled to have his picture taken...
These two were having a moment together.
Bobbi and Travis had an evening Thanksgiving with his family and so did Jayme and Trey so they all left in the early afternoon. I finished the few dishes that Travis didn't get done and when I walked into the family room this is what I saw...
I flopped down and joined the club! 
Today, Friday, November 28 I was writing this blog during the Nebraska game, got distracted by the tie game and all and accidently deleted the blog I had written so this is a re-write. 
Today is traditionally Tree Day (The day we put up the Christmas Tree in the Clark house) but you may notice I had it up on Thanksgiving. I just didn't decorate it. So tonight the girls were all going to be here. Ashley stayed over last night but poor Jayme woke up this morning extremely sick with the stomach flu so she is staying home. Trey had to go to work (Kay's Jewelers in Oakview Mall, Omaha) at 4:00 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. Yowza! No thanks. Poor guy. Life as an assistant manager. Bobbi had clients until 2:30 so she will be out in a bit and Travis had to go to work and sell cars on this crazy day. Life is changing but traditions are what they are because we make them and we will adapt and create new facets to them. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Bobbi turned 27 today.

Travis had a little party for her last night. Pizza and salad. I made dessert. I took some pictures but none are fantastic...
Bobbi and Josie.
Travis and Josie. She was in "time out".
Trey came after work. Jax was loving Jayme's attention. 
Like I said, not great pictures. 
Here's my cake, a decorated pumpkin roll.

Today we finally finished up clearing out Ferne's house. The closing is on Wednesday and it will be good to finish and have closure on this. 
When I woke up today I found a water mess in the basement. The hot tub room drain had backed up. So I dealt with that. Ok not completely, I still have to put all the stuff back where it belongs. Then when we went in to finish at Ferne's we left my car at Honda to get a lightbulb changed. When I went to pick it up it wouldn't start and oh yay...2 hours later I find out my starter is shot. So Bryan had to come back in and get me. I was as shot as my starter by that time. 
Tomorrow is a new day.