Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Painted Violin

Today I did a project. Along with laundry, cleaning, dishes and baking some cookies. The project was my reward. Several weeks ago Bryan found and bought me an old violin. I have wanted one to do a painting on ever since I did the cowboy painting on the cello. This violin is purple! 
That is a picture I took off the internet because I forgot to photograph the violin before I taped it all off to do my painting. I wanted to paint on only the face of it so I taped off what I wanted to stay purple. It is a very stripped down violin but that makes it perfect for painting on.
So I started by taping off and painting green on the part on the neck that was plain wood. Then I primed the area that I wanted to do the painting on. 
Since the cello has a cowboy scene I decided to do a largemouth bass on the violin. Just another of Bryan's many hobbies.
When I start these things I have to just keep saying "It's only paint, if I hate it I can prime over it."
Base coating, boring but essential.
Feeling good about the background and so I had to go do some stuff while paint dried and I worked up my nerve to start the fish.
At this point I always start to think "It's not working!!"
Oh the magic of shading and highlights! 
Added a couple more details and a lure that the fish is chasing and then time to peel off all that tape and hang it. 
I kept staring at it not sure that it felt done then it hit me, I needed to clear coat it. 
The magic of clear coat! It somehow brings out details and helps the picture look more real.
Side view so you can see the purple and green. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bobbi's house

The day of closing is fast approaching. I'm excited for Bobbi. The only thing is the house isn't on the same street as Ashley and Jayme! But it is only about a mile down Pioneers Blvd. It will definately be a quick trip to work since it is just down 40th. It is a nice little house and I'm sure she will have so much fun fixing it up to make it her own. 
She does have a tree house in the backyard. A mother's apartment? Ok, maybe not...
So my babies are all grown up and owning homes...what's a mother to do? Be thrilled for them, I guess.
So congratulations, Bobbi, can't wait to play in the tree house.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Shed light on it...

Bryan and I have talked about changing the lighting over our table for a long time. We looked for the perfect old shed lights and found them. While I was gone he put them up! What a great surprise! They look amazing!

I love them. 

First for me

Yesterday on our way home from a meeting in Grand Island we decided to stop at Lee's for supper. Now, we have lived in Lincoln 20 years and I had never eaten at this Lincoln landmark. Now I have.
Our friend, Dan, plays the organ there on Friday nights. I requested the theme from the Andy Griffith show for Bryan. 
I suppose this large rooster has been there since the place opened but I would like him on my yard so I wonder if they would give him to me...
Today I planted three mums out in my garden. I wish everything was full grown already. I'm not a very patient gardener. I still have a lot of space to fill up. But it is getting there. 
I am not the world's greatest gardener by any stretch of the imagination but my zinnias are my pride and joy this summer.
I see lots more of these in my future. So lovely.
This spring, in school, Amiah planted an acorn from a red oak tree for Arbor Day. She then gave the tiny little tree to Bryan to plant out here somewhere. He has had it in a pot all summer long and watered it and cared for it. Today it finally found a home in a corner of my garden. I plan to take a picture of Amiah next to it every October. Amiah's Oak.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Will you remember a time in September...

The song goes on to say, "when grass was green and grain was yellow..."
I just need to remember to blog about it. While I was in Montana, Bryan, the girls and Travis went to a Chicago concert in Council Bluffs. I only have one picture that Bryan sent me while he was waiting for everyone to get there and the concert to start.
When I got home Jayme came to hang out and we ended up getting out all her old Beanie Babies. She has a was a fun and funny trip down memory lane with her.
That led to me sorting out the Cabbage Patch Dolls. More memories.
Bryan and I made ice cream. And my chickens provide us with plenty beautiful eggs.

The kids loved their Montana shirts.
That Monday evening Bryan and I went fishing. It was a perfect night.
I caught fish but didn't manage to get them in the boat...
Then last Thursday we went to the Nebraska Volleyball game.
Friday the kids came for an overnight. Ashley spent the evening with us. Lots of food and fun.

Tired kids and tired babysitters.

Sunday all the girls and Travis came out for lunch and then some shooting of the bow and arrows. It was pouring rain most of the time but that didn't stop these Robin Hoods.
I am daily grateful for this life God has given me. 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Is Folding Fitted Sheets that important?

The other day I was on certain website that allows you to add pictures of things you like (you know what I mean). I enjoy some stuff that I see on this and some ideas that I get from this but the other day out of fascination I clicked on a group of pictures of folded sheets. Yes, you heard me right. I just couldn't believe that someone posted this as an amazing thing. I don't regret that I clicked on this but I am still amazed at what I found. It was a blog by, I am sure a very nice young woman, explaining how to fold a fitted entire blog on this. Included at the end were the comments...358 of them, for the most part, thanking her for this valuable information that none of them had ever been taught or been able to figure out. UNBELIEVABLE. Now, I consider myself a good folder. I like my stacks of clothes neat and tidy but let's be honest, you are just going to sleep on those sheets and wrinkle them up!! Why are we so concerned about getting all the wrinkles out and having them look like presents on our shelves? Go outside and play with your kids. They won't notice the poorly folded sheets (and seriously it isn't that hard. corner to corner. fold corners together, fold, fold, fold, nice and neat) mainly because they will be on their beds when they see them. They won't appreciate that you washed them either but...all in good time. What your children will appreciate is the fact that you took the time to put down your phone (turn it off and put it in your purse. Trust me the calls and texts will be there when you turn it back on) and pushed them on the swing or sat in the sandbox and built a sandcastle for them to destroy. Which leads me to another thing...phones on the playground and the parents who have them. I take care of 3 kids, 9, 6 and 2. When we go do something I take a few pictures of them with my phone and then I turn the sound off and put it into the pocket of my purse. I try not to answer texts or calls (unless it's their mom and she needs something) BUT I do try to concentrate on the kids and what they are saying to me. What I see at the park, zoo or children's museum are parents sitting on the sidelines looking down at their phone and paying close attention to someone else besides their children. Then the parents wonder why the kids don't listen or pay attention. There were no cell phones when my kids were little and while I appreciate the convenience of them I am saddened by the ADD they cause TO kids. ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER (In other words these kids are suffering from a lack of attention FROM their parents) Those kids are only there for a season and we will have technology forever. 
I just had the privilege of spending a week with my parents. When we were kids Dad and Mom took us camping, played games with us, worked puzzles, took us ice skating (or since one my sisters and I didn't have skates - ice sliding...) swimming in the ocean, swimming in a creek, swimming in a pool, hiking and they let us ride our bikes all over creation, play football in the yard, taught us how to shoot a bow, played croquet with us and on and on... it was the 60's and 70's. They took pictures with a camera and the phone was in the house not being answered and what do you know, life still went on. I have are good memories of fun times. I am happy that cell phones weren't in all homes until my girls were older. I am also happy that my mom didn't iron sheets and spend hours folding them so they looked like presents (Mom, I apologize if you did but I just proved my point. Kids don't remember that stuff)
What I love is that she read us books and fed us good food and fixed our cuts and bruises that she allowed us to go outside and acquire. 
Goodness, this turned into quite a speech. But seriously it has been on my heart. 
Giving someone your attention is an amazing gift.