Thursday, October 4, 2012

Just to catch up...

I have numbered the photos because no matter what I do in this app it still puts them where it wants them...
#1- we went to Broken Bow for a funeral and went by our old house, 642 Cherry Ave. so many memories.
#2- finished the pillow case to go with Ashley's baby quilt.
#3 - started on blocks for a Jayme quilt when it is needed.
#4 - It's coffee by the fire season! I love it!
#5 - a poor little elderly lady accidentally hit the gas instead of the brakes and drove through the wall at the church...
#6 - I made another baby quilt (for a friend) out of some scraps I had laying around in my stash.
#7 - woke up on a Saturday to this. People fishing and I have no idea who they are, typical.
#8 - I'm trying to drink a green smoothie everyday. So far so good.
#9 - got Oliver a Halloween costume.
#10 - the kids were out and named the chickens. The big red one is Rebecca Hulk, then Fluffy, Tiny Jr, Emo and Puppet Jack.
There I believe I'm caught up for now.


  1. Ironically, you said that #9 is Oliver's Halloween costume -- but it's the vegan pulgogi hahahahahahahah