Thursday, January 29, 2015


And the weeks just keep rolling on!
New Years Day. Bryan was watching football so I went in to go to lunch with Jayme and Poppy. I showed up wearing the same thing as her! 
Bobbi and Jax saying "Happy New Year!"
Monday, January 5 - I went in to take care of "Lucy" as Ashley had to go back to work and the schools hadn't gotten the papers yet. I saw I had missed a call from Jayme and Bobbi and had a text from Bobbi telling me to call Jayme ASAP. I called and couldn't really understand what Jayme was saying or what had happened but I got that I needed to go get her from work. Turns out that while she was driving to her first house she began to drive erratically and almost hit an oncoming car but thanks to a quick thinking partner who grabbed the wheel they avoided an accident. She was confused and scared when I picked her up so I took her to the doctor who immediately sent her to the emergency room. They were convinced she had had a seizure of some sort. Ran tests, sent her home with a no driving restriction and an appointment to have an EEG. The next day she just had a bad headache but went to work. The next few days she was violently sick. So Monday the 12th I took her for an EEG.
Still can't drive until that is read and if it was a seizure then state law says 3 months of no driving. After 3 long weeks she was finally cleared and they determined it wasn't a seizure but not sure what happened. Possibly she was getting sick and near fainted. We are all very thankful that nothing really serious happened while she was driving or that it was something she has to deal with for life. 
The kids didn't have school on MLK Day so I had Amiah and "Lucy" out to spend the night and that day. The weather was perfect so they ice skated for hours.
I got influenza B and was very sick for a week. Not fun. 
Friday, January 23 Bryan turned 56! 
Sunday, January 25 we had our first annual Clark Family Bowling competition. Bryan had found an old trophy at an antique store and the idea was hatched. 
Such a fun and funny time!
Trey won the trophy this year with the 140 high score. Just wait until next year!!
The mighty bowlers! Jayme won second place with a 123! Impressive!!

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