Friday, December 23, 2011

Whew...Wednesday and Yesterday...

On Wednesday after supper and all else, we all piled in Bryan's vehicle and headed to Omaha to pick Ashley up from the airport. She had her life in 5 huge bags and it was such a relief to get her home.
Yesterday she came in to Gieser's to see the kids and hang out with me all day. 
We had some sweet moments with the kids. They didn't know she was coming to spend the day. 
{I will apologize for the bad video work right from the start.}
I told Hudson to look for Bryan's vehicle since he was bringing a surprise for him. 
"I remember you."
She met Boden for the first time. 
He looked at her like he thought he knew her and seemed quite comfortable with her.
We went to the office and saw Andrea and Cindy. Ashley got a much needed adjustment.
I had arranged to pick Amiah up early from school and she was clueless that Ashley was waiting at the house for her.
Then Ashley went to supper with them and they brought her home.
To say the kids talked non-stop would be an understatement.

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