Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fortunately, I was cleaning the storeroom...

Unfortunately I created an even bigger mess.
Fortunately I found things that entertain me.
Unfortunately taking time to photograph and blog my finds slows down the cleaning process.
Fortunately it is a nice break...
Ok, my point here is that Bobbi had to write a "Fortunately, Unfortunately" story in elementary school. (3rd grade maybe?) I found that and thought I would share it with you. (all the facts related in it are true...)

 I will add my comments:
 I had taped the entire cage and little running tube thing everywhere except on the place where the air grid was. How he escaped every night is still a mystery to me because in the mornings he was always back in the cage with all the tape still in place...creepy.
 Not sure Ashley saw this as a "Fortunately" but...
 In case you can't read that it says "The hamster got out again, this time he went to my parents room"
 He should have just crushed him then...
What you don't see written here is the rest of the story after "He got out the last time"..."and went into my parents room and ran across my mom's face while she was sleeping." So obviously that is me yelling "That's it!"
Yes, it is true I did do that...Don't tell the tree huggers...
I feel like I may  have told this story on here...if I have forgive me and hopefully you enjoyed it the second time just as much as the first. With pictures!

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