Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Remember the vegetable garden that I rototilled my shoulder to death on and then only planted 6 plants in? Well, I have officially declared it and myself a failure. I am however growing an amazing patch of musk thistle...worthy of a fine from the county extension agent, should they find I blog about it...
Well, yesterday I changed my tactics with the garden and it is going to become a perennial garden. This is a great time to start it because the stores all have the perennials on huge clearance and I can plant a lot for a little $ and I like looking at the flowers much more than the weeds and bad vegetables. Not that veggies are bad!! Just mine are seriously ugly and I can buy them at a market or store. With any luck someday I will have a large stretch of beautiful flowers that I can see from the kitchen and deck. So failure at the vegetable garden, fingers crossed on the perennial garden.

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