Monday, November 18, 2013

Way back on November 8...

{Life got in the way of blogging on October 30, so I am catching up. I will explain later.}
The sun came up, beautifully.
It tends to do that out here. And say what you want about Nebraska just don't ever say that we don't see some amazing sunrises and sunsets. Well, ok we may defend our state from other criticism but, you know what I mean.
I had to go into town to get Jayme and take her for a surgery. Yes, another of my children had to have surgery. 
After she came out of recovery we came out here for her to spend the weekend getting full speed again. That night Bryan had been given tickets to the Nebraska Basketball game against Florida Gulf Coast. Row 6 in the new arena. It was the first season game in the brand new Arena downtown. Ashley came out to hang out with Jayme and we headed in. 
They lit the marching band in red and had an opening show of all sorts of stuff. 
I believe the score ended up somewhere around 75 to 52 or something like that. The Arena is beautiful. It was my first time in it. 
Saturday dawned warm (for November in Nebraska) and sunny and not gale force winds so Bryan and I decided to take the boat out one last time before putting it away for winter. It was a good decision. 
First of all because the fish were really biting, second the day was amazing and third it was a very relaxing, fun time. 
This was the first time I have used a crank bait and I've decided I like using one. Normally, I just use a red brush hog because they don't get caught in weeds so bad as others but I may be a convert.
After we were done fishing it was time to pull the boat out of the water and store it for winter. (I am writing this on November 18 and if we would have had the time we could have fished for the last 9 days. It has just been amazing here.) But we needed to get the boat out this day because we knew we wouldn't have time later.
My job was to put weight at the back end so the boat didn't drag as he was putting it on the trailer. No, I did not feel insulted by this assignment. hahahaha
Then on Sunday, everyone came back out here for lunch. Bobbi and Travis had to leave earlier but Ashley stayed and she and I made Ninjabread cookies. 

Yes, NINJAbread!
Jayme was still resting and getting her strength back. Then Ashley went home and Jayme and I played a rousing game of Harry Potter Clue.
Monday, November 11 and I am back with the kids. Bryan is off doing projects. Tuesday I ripped everything out of my kitchen cupboards and cleaned and organized them. I had this thought, "WHEN did I become that person who saves plastic food containers just in case I need them!!!" I purged myself of all that. Wednesday and Thursday back with the kids. Thursday night, November 14 Bryan and I had tickets to Trans Siberian Orchestra at the Arena. The girls all went but seperate from us. Wow. It is a Christmas rock opera in case you have never heard of them. The story they did this year was "The Lost Christmas Eve" 
Friday, November 15 I pulled everything out of my living room and rearranged and cleaned it. (I don't spring clean. I usually want to be outside in the spring, not inside cleaning!!) So I fall clean. 
Saturday I spent the day preparing food for Bobbi's birthday celebration. 

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