Tuesday, January 21, 2014

More of our life...

Lately we have been fairly quiet and at home. Bryan is now back at work and very glad to be there. Hard to believe that the 8 weeks are almost done and yet it seemed like so long when they began. He is doing great. Still on the meds to control pressure, clotting and rhythm but that hopefully will only be through Spring. I am back with the kids 3 days a week but in February will transition to 2 days a week. Looking forward to having Mondays off with Bryan. 
I am sure that Bryan will be glad when he doesn't have to spend so much time in this Dr. office getting his blood checked 3 days a week. But he has maintained a great attitude through this whole thing. I have had my moments but he has been awesome. 
Speaking of Bryan, it is his birthday today and I am so grateful for the 33 years that we have had celebrating birthdays together. 
Since the kids had Monday off this week they came out on Sunday and spent the night. I had run into Amani and her mom at Trader Joe's on Sunday afternoon so we threw her into the mix for Amiah to have a sleepover with. What fun to surprise Amiah.
The weather was amazing. 66 and sunny. Then Monday was sunny and not quite as warm but still warn enough for the kids to put on skates and head to the pond to do some skating. They had never done it and both girls did amazing!! Hudson just wanted to wear his cowboy boots. 
Amani headed right out.
It took Amiah a few minutes to get her "sea legs" but once she got them she took off and they spent 2 hours out on the pond.
We did pause to have hot chocolate down by the pond by the fire. It was wonderful. S'mores made their way into the mix also.

Then it was back on the ice for more skating.
After we were all throughly worn out we headed back in and WHAT? it was only 11:00 a.m. So much day yet to go. 
Boden did have to give Bryan some lessons in Super Heros and who they are and what they do. Ironman and Batman.

Over the weekend Bobbi and Travis got another dog. This tiny little boxer is Josie. Jax looks HUGE next to her. They are both sweet dogs. 
Ashley and Jayme went skeet/trap shooting on Sunday in that perfect weather. They had a great time.
Bobbi colored Jayme's hair. I love it!! Ashley's friend, Nikki, took this picture of her when they were out shooting.
So that catches us up a bit and I am just so grateful on this day of Bryan's birth that he is healthy and getting stronger every day.

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