Saturday, February 8, 2014

Deep Thoughts...

Today I needed a few things so I went to the store and got them. I maybe had 10 things in my cart. I walked along the row of cashiers looking to see where the shortest line was. There really wasn't one. So I stopped at one and began to wait. A man (I will use that term loosely here) came up behind me with a more full cart than I. While we waited he kept pushing his cart closer and closer to me (one of my many pet peeves. It won't make the line move faster!) So I just stood my ground. Then a clerk walked up to me, looked at me and said "Ma'm I'll help you right over here at this register." So I began to walk over and the guy behind me whips his cart around in front of me, starts to unload it onto the  belt. I, meanwhile, was holding my tongue...what I wanted to say was "Ma'm, I'm sorry about your facial hair problem" (he had a beard) I also wanted to give him a lesson in politeness, consideration, common courtesy...but it would have come out in a yell get the idea. He ticked me off! But ultimately it saddened me because this is a small example of how selfish the world has become. 
But on my way home I saw this...
A farmer along Hwy. 77 has these set up in his field. They made me laugh and smile all the way home. 

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