Friday, December 3, 2010

I like this view...

Today I took down the window treatment that has been on this window for 10 years...yes, folks you heard me correctly. Just lazy about window treatments, I guess. Anyway, I also washed all my main floor windows inside and out (fortunately it was a decent day) that probably hadn't been done in awhile...then I put up some ribbons that I had done in the dining room last year because I don't have anything to replace what I took down. But this looks nice and Christmasy. I cleaned the office...(should have taken a before and after) last night Bryan said it was a scary place. That was true.
And I like this view...the dogs asleep on the couch by the tree.
This is the view I DO NOT like...Every time I walk down the basement stairs I see all the suitcases waiting for Ashley to pack to move to Spain. January 11 is just too close. 
I should probably go finish putting away all the things that are piled on the table from my cleaning frenzy. Clean up the cleaning mess...another view I wish to avoid.

1 comment:

  1. I love that window valance you did. What a great look for Christmas.
    Love you, too.