Friday, November 18, 2011

Madrid - Day 3

Thursday, November 3
We were finally getting over our jetlag so...
we decided that we would go out and about the town. So we headed out and when we got about half way to no where in particular it started to rain (hard) so Ashley suggested sitting it out in a Starbucks that was "just up the street". We ran/hid under awnings/sloshed through puddles/got soaked to get to the Starbucks. Thank goodness it was warm and we found a table by the window and just watched the rain come down and the people out in the streets. 
And laughed and talked and were together.
After it let up a bit we thought we would go into some stores but being wet and cold we all sort of lost interest. So we got some food and headed back to our apartment to just hang out relax and watch a movie.

 Later that evening, when the rain had stopped, Ashley took us to a place that she likes for churros and chocolate. That was delicious.

This time in Spain was about being with Ashley and we got to do that so really, the rain didn't change any of our plans. 


  1. Love that you got to do all this together as a family. Thanks for taking time to let us all know about your time there.
    Love and a hug,

  2. I love the pic of Brian and Ashley. So sweet.