Sunday, November 27, 2011

Spain - Day 7

We are half way through this...are you feeling like I will never get it done? Well, the volume of photos is overwhelming...
Monday, November 7
We headed into the little town of Salobrena and after some twisting and turning through the tight little streets we found the Castle we were looking for.

 This picture is looking out at the hotel we stayed in on the cliff in the center of the picture.
 We saw this rock on the beach from the castle. We thought that the restaurant below it looked like a fun place so when we left the castle we set out to find it.

 I was just snapping pictures behind me and Bobbi decided to pretend to fall down the steep hill we were walking down. It made us all laugh and I caught it on film.

 We found the beach and had a wonderful time collecting rocks and sea glass and just enjoying the wonderful weather.

 Right here they are saying "IT'S SO COLD!"

 Then we climbed that huge rock we saw from the castle on the hill.
 This was a sheer cliff drop and Bobbi was making me nervous.

 Another shot of our hotel in the middle there.

 This is looking back at the castle from the beach.
 This was possibly the coolest outdoor cooking I have ever seen.
 We ate outside (it got a little chilly but...) the scenery was amazing.

That evening we went it Alumencar and looked around to see if there was anything to come back and see the next day. 
 There was so...

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