Friday, August 2, 2013

Jen stopped by

Always a great time when Jenny makes our house one of her stops on the way to or from Montana to North Carolina. She spent yesterday with me. We took care of the kids, went by the salon to see Bobbi, shopped at Cool and Collected Antiques, went to dinner with Bryan, Ashley and Jayme (Bobbi had appointments until 9. That was sad), stopped to see Ferne for a few minutes, went over to Ashley's so Jen could see her place, came home and solved the world's problems with Bryan and listened to a massive storm pound our house with rain. It was a very full day.

Hudson was having the T-Rex and his dinosaur friends eat the Charlie Brown Characters. It was cracking me up. He loved throwing the ball for Max.

Mae ignored them and Oliver acted like he was Maxwell's coach. He would bark and run around like he was telling him to go get it. Not that Maxwell needed coaching at all, it was just Oliver's over exaggerated sense of self importance. Napoleon style. 

When I gave the kids a choice of Morrill Hall, the Children's Zoo or my house. They all yelled "YOUR HOUSE!!" Maybe I should sell tickets...make it a profitable business...but we always have such a hectic, fun time it is worth the drive out.
Jen headed down the road early this morning. Safe travels.

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  1. Well obviously I haven't read the blog! That was a fun day. Thank you from Maxie and me!