Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Painted Violin

Today I did a project. Along with laundry, cleaning, dishes and baking some cookies. The project was my reward. Several weeks ago Bryan found and bought me an old violin. I have wanted one to do a painting on ever since I did the cowboy painting on the cello. This violin is purple! 
That is a picture I took off the internet because I forgot to photograph the violin before I taped it all off to do my painting. I wanted to paint on only the face of it so I taped off what I wanted to stay purple. It is a very stripped down violin but that makes it perfect for painting on.
So I started by taping off and painting green on the part on the neck that was plain wood. Then I primed the area that I wanted to do the painting on. 
Since the cello has a cowboy scene I decided to do a largemouth bass on the violin. Just another of Bryan's many hobbies.
When I start these things I have to just keep saying "It's only paint, if I hate it I can prime over it."
Base coating, boring but essential.
Feeling good about the background and so I had to go do some stuff while paint dried and I worked up my nerve to start the fish.
At this point I always start to think "It's not working!!"
Oh the magic of shading and highlights! 
Added a couple more details and a lure that the fish is chasing and then time to peel off all that tape and hang it. 
I kept staring at it not sure that it felt done then it hit me, I needed to clear coat it. 
The magic of clear coat! It somehow brings out details and helps the picture look more real.
Side view so you can see the purple and green. 

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