Saturday, September 21, 2013

First for me

Yesterday on our way home from a meeting in Grand Island we decided to stop at Lee's for supper. Now, we have lived in Lincoln 20 years and I had never eaten at this Lincoln landmark. Now I have.
Our friend, Dan, plays the organ there on Friday nights. I requested the theme from the Andy Griffith show for Bryan. 
I suppose this large rooster has been there since the place opened but I would like him on my yard so I wonder if they would give him to me...
Today I planted three mums out in my garden. I wish everything was full grown already. I'm not a very patient gardener. I still have a lot of space to fill up. But it is getting there. 
I am not the world's greatest gardener by any stretch of the imagination but my zinnias are my pride and joy this summer.
I see lots more of these in my future. So lovely.
This spring, in school, Amiah planted an acorn from a red oak tree for Arbor Day. She then gave the tiny little tree to Bryan to plant out here somewhere. He has had it in a pot all summer long and watered it and cared for it. Today it finally found a home in a corner of my garden. I plan to take a picture of Amiah next to it every October. Amiah's Oak.

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  1. I literally told Jill this morning that I planted a lilac bush and i want it to be big and beautiful NOW because I'm an impatient gardener. Hahahaha I come by it naturally!