Thursday, March 20, 2014

MARCHing Along

The Sunday after we got back from Chicago I had Esprit Auditions. Since I had to stay in town for those I went over to Bobbi's and hung out with her and Travis and the dogs. Those dogs are so cute.
Jax has gotten HUGE and Josie is still so tiny.
Bobbi and Jax. Look at those paws! So much growing still to come!
And little Miss Josie.
Then we decided that we needed a picture of all of them
Jax is funny because he thinks he is a small dog and doesn't mind being held at all.
The weather was so beautiful that day. In the 70's and calm and sunny. It was a fun time hanging out with them. Then I went off to auditions. 
Monday I was off and it was beautiful out again. Bryan and I did some stuff outside around the house.
He had given me a sundial for Christmas so he was putting that out in my "garden" which is mostly a collection of found objects. 
We ate a picnic sandwich out there in the sunshine and then he was going in to do some stuff with Bobbi at her house so I rode along and got the VW out of storage at Jayme's house. A sure sign of spring.
We ended that day with a fire at sunset. Lovely.
Then Wednesday, the 12th, the kids were on Spring Break so we came out here in the afternoon and they spent the night and we spent Thursday just playing out here.
Thankfully it was nice enough to spend most of the day outside. 
At church they have opened a new coffee shop so Bryan and I had coffee before 1st serivce on Sunday. It is a very nice little area. Very relaxing. 
Interesting story: We tease Bryan about the fact that he can't go anywhere without someone recognizing him and talking to him. Well, the other day he walked into a restuarant in Lincoln and a girl came over to his table and said "Are you Bryan Clark?" He said he was. She said "I'm from North Carolina and I watch your sermons every week." Usually the people are from here. She was just visiting some relatives who live here.
Tuesday I went in to Bobbi and she cut off a lot of my hair. It was time.
I started growing it out when she started hair school. Too bad it isn't that straight all the time. It only looks like that when Bobbi does her magic on it. 
That's about it for our excitement lately. 

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