Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Loving, Celebrating and Letting Go...

MONDAY, AUGUST 11 - Bryan and I spent the day planning and preparing for Ferne's funeral. My mom was at our house throughly cleaning anything that needed it and believe me when I say that was just about everything...
TUESDAY, AUGUST 12 - Mom and I cleaned the basement and some other stuff. Bryan worked on his mom's funeral service and then in the yard making it look amazing for the wedding.
Amaih and Hudson started school. Where did the summer go!?
WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 13 - Ferne's funeral was this day. The family was all in for that and Bob Rice and Bryan did a great job. Bobbi sang "Untitled Hymn". She did an amazing job! The service was such a celebration of Ferne's life and how she lived it for the Lord. We were so grateful to all the people who worked to put together a lunch for us and many of the people who attended. Our Tabitha Hospice nurse was there and just so sweet. I have been so impressed by that organization. When we got home I needed to do something energetic so Mom and I powerwashed the front porch. Ridding it of all the spiders and cobwebs. Much needed. Bryan did more outside work on the place. 
THURSDAY, AUGUST 14 - I went to work and then after that I went and did a massive shop of all the things I needed to finish up the wedding food. 
After putting that stuff away, and believe me I was running out of room, I crashed for the night.
FRIDAY, AUGUST 15 - Claudine came out to get mom for the day, Bryan was working on a project in the shop so I decided to paint some chalkboard signs for the wedding.
A sign for their book table and a menu board.
Then I got the tiny cake out of the freezer and decorated it. I just loved that little Lego bride and groom.
SATURDAY, AUGUST 16 - morning came and I realized I only had two days of lists to finish!!
Robin Smith, my friend who had consented to kitchen coordinate, came to figure out what all she needed to know for Sunday. Ashley, Kyra and Jayme came out to help prep food and set up the outside. Chan went and got the chairs on Friday for us so those were in the garage ready to be set up. I had borrowed 9 or so awnings from various people and we needed to figure out that set up.
I frosted some chocolate cupcakes and then the girls used the rest of the icing to...mess around with.
We set up the chairs, the began on the awnings. 
Then after some discussion we changed the awning over the book table to a white one.
Much better. Leave it to our girls to come to set up the yard in dresses...such fancy girls.
Everyone worked hard and the end result was very festive.
Bryan had also redone the rocks around the pot of flowers by our back door and had rebuilt a bench he found. I had gotten some tiles in Malaga, Spain so he installed them in the back of the bench. I really like it.
After checking that out we went for an EZ-GO ride to see how stuff looked from the road.
It was an amazingly calm night. That had been our concern all along and God really provided us with a perfect day. Both Saturday and Sunday. 
Time to go in and do some final prep stuff and make sure everything is ready for the morning. Got the wedding cookies out of the freezer and went to bed.
SUNDAY, AUGUST 17 - WEDDING DAY!!!! I got up early and then Bobbi came at about 6 a.m. because she wanted to have coffee and watch the sunrise from the deck with me.

 It was such a precious time and I will never forget it. So special to have children who want to be with you and talk to you. Nothing compares to it. Then we went in, ate some breakfast and went to get ready. Ashley and Kyra arrived. Things were under way!

I completely forgot that I had an apron on when we did these pictures. Typical...Also...they picked the messiest room in the house to hang out in and well...enough said.
I didn't take any pictures and I am not sure who took these but Ashley sent me them so I would have some to put on here. It was such a beautiful day and Bryan did a great job with the ceremony. It was very affirming. One of Bobbi's friends told me it was the most meaningful wedding she had ever been to. 
They got a brother!!
I just love all these kids!!
Time to get the reception ready. Lots of loving hands did lots of work for me in putting the final touches on all the food so that I could be out of the kitchen. I think I got kicked out about 6 times...old habits are hard to break!!
Much food was consumed. Just have to show the cookies...
I figured that Josie and Jax needed to at least be there in cookie form. 
The beautiful bride with lots of her beautiful friends.
Then 5 o'clock came around and it was time to clean up, pack up and go. But first they had a lantern to light and send off.
Then it was over and what a great day it was. 
Hugs all around!

Then Ashley, Nikki and Lindsey all decided to jump in the their wedding clothes.

Everyone began to go their seperate ways. Trey had a soccer game to go play and when he changed Jayme and I realized we were his uniform...
Then it was down to just Bryan, my mom and myself. Sitting on the deck then deciding to go in to the air conditioning.
The sweet ladies who had done so much had also washed all the dishes and stacked them on the table for me so all I needed to do was put stuff away.
I left it for another day and went to sit down. 
So at 12:00 p.m. Sunday, August 17, 2014, Bobbi stepped into the arms of Travis and started a home.

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