Tuesday, August 4, 2015

June Happenings...

June 2:
We got some more of the hail repairs done. But there was still a pile of shingles that I had to avoid everytime I left the garage.

We celebrated Poppy's birthday at Trey and Jayme's. It was a Minnie Mouse party. We gave her a sandbox.
I made her a cake and cookies.

I had three roosters from my chicks that I had gotten so I gave them some moments of freedom before they met thier fate...

June 3: 
Poppy's actual birthday. Eric sent pictures of Mom and Dad opening the cards that people sent for their 60th. 
Bryan worked on a light that he was putting under the deck for me. 

June 4: 
My wisteria is blooming and it is raining...again...
A day with the kids and Poppy joined us. May I just say that the rain matched everyone's mood this day...
My tickets to the Antiques Roadshow came in the mail.
June 5: 
It finally stopped raining long enough for me to get some flowers to plant!
June 7: 
Bryan and I went in to help Bobbi and Travis get rid of some junk from cleaning out their back yard. 

June 8: 
My hydrangea decided to bloom after three years of no blooms and begging it to grow and bloom.

June 10:
The kids spent the night and as always we had a great time. Ashley came out at noon and joined us, then Jayme, Poppy and Trey came for supper. Also another family with a little girl were there. 
Don't worry no real guns are being used here. 
They were so thrilled to be jumping off these chairs. You would have thought it was a huge lake with a high diving board. Such joy!

June 20:
I helped decorate for a wedding and created this asile runner out of flower petals.

June 21: 
I had Esprit so Bryan and Ashley went to Walnut, IA to the annual Father's Day Antique Market.

June 23: 
Poppy spent the day out here with me. We did some playing and baking.

I was making a cake for something and Poppy wanted to cook too so I cracked some eggs into a bowl and she added flour and water to her hearts content. And used all the bowls within reach.

June 27:
Ashley and I went to Omaha to the Antiques Roadshow. It was ok but not nearly the experience that Jen and I had last summer in Fargo, ND.

June 28:
All the kids came out and we celebrated Father's Day a week late. I forgot to take pictures and Bobbi and Travis had left by the time I remembered. Sad. 
We shot the bow and arrows. Yes, I really did hit that!

June 29:
Bryan and a couple guys had poured a pad for a shed several days before and then Ric and CJ came out to hlep Bryan Frame up the shed. They really got a lot done and it was so hot!!

June 30:
Even hotter and Bryan roofed the entire shed all by himself. 
I had Poppy that day so Amiah came out with me to help me while I got ready for Esprit.
We went out for lunch.
They swam.
It was a fun and helpful day.
So ended June. On to July.

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