Monday, September 12, 2016

It Was HARLEY a Vacation...Day 4

Tuesday, August 30 - We woke up to another perfect day. We wandered around Hill City for awhile until it warmed up a bit for riding. This buffalo statue was at an intersection in town and it was so cool I had to take a picture of Bryan by it. Then a bit later we wandered into an art gallery and we're looking around. There was a clay model of a life size wolf in the gallery. A sculpture in progress. A lady walked up and started to explain the process to us and what she was doing etc. Turns out she was the artist who had done the buffalo. Suffice it to say she is very good!. 
Hill City is the site where "Sue" the t-Rex was found and also "Stan" the t-Rex. There is a dinosaur museum there but we didn't go to it. Some other time.
We got back on the bike and headed up the road to Deadwood. This is the town where Wild Bill Hickock was killed. 

Bryan and Wild Bill.
We like to watch a show called "Gunslingers" and they have featured just about all of these famous Cowboys and Killers. So it was fun. Then we ate pizza in a bar on the Main Street and after we were done there was a "Wild Bill" actor outside the bar telling people to come and see the story of his murder. So we wandered in and watched that. Then they told us to go outside and watch the capture of Jack McCall after he shot Wild Bill so we went out and watched that. When they arrested Jack they walked us all up Main Street and around the corner to the courtroom. It was right across the street from our hotel "The Franklin" built in 1903. Very cool old hotel.

 So we went into the courtroom and had to pay $6 to see the end but it was worth it. It was so hilariously hokey it was amazing. They knew they were hokey and were just so funny! They used people from the audience for the jury, the witnesses and chose a little girl for the sheriff. She took her job very seriously!! Apparently they put the show on every evening in the bar, street and courtroom. 
We have had so many people say "Deadwood is just a gambling town! We don't go there." Well yes every hotel is a casino but there is also lots of history there and you don't have to gamble! So we enjoyed it throughly.

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