Tuesday, September 13, 2016

It Was HARLEY a Vacation...Days 6 and 7

Thursday, September 1 we packed up and headed out of Hot Springs. It was cloudy, windy and we were wondering if it was going to rain. But no rain just really windy over those prairies.
As we entered Nebraska the sun came out but the wind stayed! Goodness. I was so happy to see this sculpture because it meant we were almost to Rod and Shelly's house. The wind just made us weary.
We had dinner and spent the night with Rod and Shelly. Nice to see them and talk.
Friday, September 2 we headed out again, for home this time. We stopped in Grand Island for a cup of coffee. Bryan told the girl his name was Byron...he got such a kick out of himself. 
We got back to Lincoln about 1:00. I picked up my car at Ashley's, Bryan returned the bike to Greg and got his vehicle. We came home, unpacked everything into the laundry! And took a deep breath and started getting ready for the weekend.vIt was a fun time. 

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