Monday, September 12, 2016

It Was HARLEY a Vacation...Day 5

'Wednesday, August 31 - We left Deadwood and headed down the road toward Mount Rushmore, Keystone and Custer State Park. 
Mount Rushmore just such an iconic American destination. And yet I am amazed how many people haven't been to it. 
Here we are two motorcycle helmet heads in front of the famous president heads.
We ate lunch in Keystone and then headed down route 16A. The winding, twisting road down from the faces. There are several tunnels you go through and at one point your twist around and are facing the faces through a set of two tunnels. Here we are entering them.
You can see the faces through the the cut in the trees. 
Here is a zoom in on the middle of the last photo. Obviously you see them the whole time it is just hard to translate that in photo. 
These turns were 10 mile an hour turns...steep sides, cars, possible wild life....death grip on Bryan...He did amazing and got us safely down off the mountain. Then we entered the park. As we approached the visitors center there were tons of buffalo all over the lawns. That is a little intimidating on a motorcycle. They were on the side of the road. I could have reached out and touched some of them I think.
But they are amazing, majestic animals and I loved seeing them.
There are wild burros in the park...they decided to make life difficult for the motorcycle riders. This Jack came and stood really close to us (hind legs facing us...) because there was a Jenny and her colt on the road and I believe he felt that we were a threat. They just would not move. Finally we just eased out way past them.
We saw so much wildlife all the way through the park. It was very cool.
The road took us back to Hot Springs where we spent the night before starting the ride home. The whole time we had perfect weather. No wind, great temperatures and not much traffic at all. Just perfect for the bike riders. So we found a motel in Hot Springs and went to a place called "Woolys" for supper. 

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