Saturday, July 5, 2014

Missing June

But first we must finish May!!
Bryan built a weather vane for his boat house. The arrow part is actually made to look like a large fish hook. It works really well! We have had some good winds to test it out.
My wisteria bloomed. It had tons of blooms this year and it was beautiful!
The kids came out and spent the night one night. It was a perfect fishing night. Boden caught the first fish and then 4 more, he loved it!! It was almost as big as him. Then Hudson caught some and finally Amiah got to catch some.
Our bluegill are huge!
After supper Amiah and Bryan had sat on the deck discussing the ins and outs of Sasquatch.
Before bed the boys had a boxing match...wise choice...
The next day they were up and out to the pond catching more fish!

Bobbi and Travis headed to Montana to go to Jillian's wedding. Beautiful girls!
I'm so glad the family got to meet Travis and that he got to meet them. He told me they are "huggy" in a good way. 
That same weekend Jenny flew into Omaha, I picked her up and we headed to Bismark, North Dakota. What? Your girls weekend wasn't in Bismark?
That's right! She had tickets to the Antiques Roadshow! We had such a good time. We met an author. She writes mysteries around antiques and things she sees on Antiques Roadshow and American Pickers. Her name is Monica Ferris. 
We weren't allowed to take any pictures while in there so We took these after. I took an old mandolin Bryan bought once in St. Joseph, Missouri. He paid $60 for it and they valued it between $300 - $500. 
We had a great time.
While I was gone, some guys came out and learned how to use the plasma cutter and welder. Bryan is so great about teaching people how to do stuff in the shop.
We have had some beautiful skies this summer. This was just one morning.
This is by no means the end of June but I will close this edition and do another.

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