Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Snatches of July

Once again life got in the way of my blogging. So here I sit on my deck catching up.
We have a retaining wall on the side of our house. Below that is the sandbox and kids area. I have always been rather afraid that someone will drive the little tractor or car off that wall. We had an abundance of old metal wheels from a salvage we did at an old farm. So I asked Bryan if he could weld me a "fence" or railing of sorts to go across there. This is what he did for me! I love it. You would need a bulldozer to drive off that wall now. 
On July 8 I left on Esprit tour. It was an amazing week with a lot of amazing kids.
This picture was taken in the Broken Bow Berean Church. Our first church out of seminary. 
We went down to Colorado and sang at Camp IdRaHaJe. Some of the boys went on a little hike and came back with this wildflower boquet for me. And people wonder why I work with teenagers! 
We had a work project at the camp and all 82 of us stained 8 buildings and painted one corral fence.

This doe was right across the road from the field where the concert tent was set up. She just wandered around over there and ate and rested. Then during the concert just as the kids began to sing "Be Thou My Vision" her ears pricked up, she stood up and very deliberately walked to within 10 feet of entering the tent. She stood there and listened the entire song then wandered off. It reminded me that even the hills and nature will worship their creator. It was a very moving thing to witness.
These are just a few of the children on the bus...and people wonder why I work with teenagers!
I got home Sunday, July 13. Then Monday evening Jayme, Trey and his little girl, Poppy came out for supper. 
Jayme and Trey shot pellets at targets while Poppy and I played in the playhouse and sandbox. She ate her weight in sand...
I had told you about powerwashing the deck. Well it had dried throughly and it was time to think about painting it. The product we used was going on sale on Friday, July 18. So bright and early that Friday I headed into town to get 6 cans.
Before painting but after power washing...
I mean just that little corner made me excited. 
Getting even more exciting...
On Sunday, July 20 all of Travis' family, our family and Trey had a cookout here at our house. It was a nice time for us all to get to know each other. They all left before I took any pictures. Sad. Travis had gotten out the bow and arrows and the pellet gun. We all took a turn.
I think Trey is trying to teach here...he's a bit of an expert.

Ashley and Jayme were so dressy!! Fancy shooting costumes. You probably can't see me there in my camo...
At this point Trey was shooting at the same target so at least if she missed the pellet hitting it made it sound like she had hit it. 
As we were putting things away we got into the dress up box and put on the Avenger masks. 
Monday, July 21 and time to paint the underside. I had completed the top and Bryan jumped in to help me do the underside. Thank goodness!! What a back breaker!!
But here it is all done and looking completely different! I love it so much. 

Bryan found these two chairs on the side of the road discarded. He brought them home, cleaned them up, repainted them, replaced the wood slats and there they are like brand new! I love the rocker.
Tuesday, July 22 Bryan headed to Colorado for convention. I went to Amiah's last softball game then spur of the moment brought the kids out here with me to spend a couple days since it was a last time before school will start.
Amiah and I made red velvet waffles with cream cheese topping. They weren't good at all...hahaha
Always busy in the sand box.
I saw that the 3 robin eggs had hatched.
We swam
played dress up
And this kid woke up at 2 a.m. hungry for oatmeal and tomatoes...he chatted until 5...I was tired.
My gladiolus have come up through the crib just like I wanted. No need to stake them since the crib holds them up. 
As always these two are on the job guarding the house. They weren't too sure about the white deck at first.
Friday, July 25 we celebrated 33 years of marriage. And by celebrated I mean Bryan drove back from Colorado and I was in with his mom because she had fallen and I went to help her.
Saturday and Sunday she fell again. Bobbi found her on Sunday and called 911. She ended up being in the hospital until Wednesday. She is home now and Diane and her family are there with her for 10 days. Fortunately she didn't get hurt in any of the falls.
On Monday, July 28 Bryan was mowing and ran over a yellow jacket nest and they swarmed and he got about 10 stings. Not pleasant. He bundled up the next night to go out and spray the nest. 
Last night Jenny came through and Bryan bundled up again to respray the area but on yellow jacket got up under his hood and stung his head about 5 times. Hopefully we can get rid of this nasty mess of yellow jackets.
It was nice to see Jenny again. Short visit. Jayme and Trey came out, Ashley and Bobbi were busy. 
In between all that stuff up there I have been doing prep for the food for the wedding. Only 16 more days now! Wow! 
I have caught you up on our lives. Enjoy your day!

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