Saturday, July 5, 2014

Mission to Malaga and Madrid, Spain

On June 7 Bryan and I headed to Malaga, Spain. A group of about 30 people from church went to do some work at Springs of Life Camp in Malaga and then we did some work for a group in Madrid.
True to form, Bryan got TSA Precheck and I got a full frisking and search...
The weather the first day was beautiful! But we were inside sewing torn bedding, curtains and making decorations for family camp. But that was why we were there so no complaints here! That is Jeanne Stark my fellow seamstress.
Bryan helped build a small shed around the water heaters, cut down trees, built stadium seating and generally worked as hard as he does at home. 
The whole team.
While we were in Malaga, Ashley sent me a picture of my Robin's nest. The eggs had hatched and the little birds fledged while I was gone. 
I also did a ton of laundry while I was working at the camp.
One machine, two lines and about 100 sheets and mattress covers. But I was outside and loving it.
We took the train to Madrid. It was fun to go on a trian ride again. 
Hello, Madrid.
What a difference from the absolute quiet of the camp. But a great city.
Our work project was outside the city and we were so busy I didn't take many pictures.
One night we had supper at Mercado San Miguel. It is such a fun, busy over whelming place. I am glad I had been there before or I may have felt lost and intimidated. They have a chip there that Bryan calls 
"The Greater Tater" so he was pretty happy to get to have some. They are good. Fried in olive oil. They eat so much bread there that finally one evening I went to the grocery around the corner and bought myself a crate of cherries. They tasted so good!! 
Our work was helping a group build and repair bicycles, and paint a building and handicap ramp. 
We walked miles every day but that isn't unusual in Spain.
On our flight home there was a little Spanish boy in front of me. He kept turning around and smiling at me then about 30 minutes into our flight he reached between the seats and felt around until I took his hand. That was pretty much the entire 8 hour flight. If I took my hand away he would feel around until I took his hand again. At the end of the flight he blew me kisses and his mom told me his name was Sergio. He was adorable.
When I have some more time I will finally upload the pictures on my camera. I just haven't had time yet.
It was such a good trip. I am so glad I went. Getting to know the team was especially fun. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

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