Monday, October 19, 2015

Pulgogi Festival #17- Friday, October 2, 2015

Hard to believe it was our 17th year! wow.
I was testing the photo booth. Always forget to take off my apron!! Oh well it wouldn't be me without it.
Jayme took some pictures on the hayride for me. I was at the house cooking. This year we had 38 people. 23 adults and 15 kids. 

The only pictures I managed to take were of the dessert bar prior to everyone getting there. 
Then everyone had fun in the photo booth.
Navy got me all decked out and put some ears on Lucca.
Bobbi and Navy just too cute!
The Schlegels - Fred and Cathy - the couple whose family started all this with us back in 1998. It was only 9 people then.
 The Kirks - Troy, Chelsey, Amani, Finley and Beckham - Chelsey being Fred and Cathy's daughter and also a 1998 attender.
Jill Elswick, myself and Ashley -
Bobbi and Travis - 
Jayme, Trey and Poppy - 
The Henry Family - Will, Jen, Liam and brand new Jael - Will being taller than my photo booth!
The Geyer family - Justin, Carrie, Grant and Anna - 
The Grieser Family - Barry, Andrea, Amiah, Hudson and Boden - 
The Romshek Family - Kelsey, Piper, Roscoe and Lucca -
The Elswicks - Jake and Jill -
The Reisinger Family - Jon, Alicia, Navy and Satchel -
And at last, Bryan and I -
It is always a wild and crazy night with kids and toys and food everywhere but it is always so fun. I make about 20 lbs of meat, 60 eggrolls, 5 lbs of stirfried veggies, 3 lbs of cucumber kimchi and a huge pot of rice. There are usually some leftovers and my girls are happy to relieve me of that burden.

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