Saturday, November 13, 2010

On a scale of 1 - Perfect...

This morning we got up at 4:30, layered on the warm clothes, Chan picked us up at 5:15 and we headed down the road to Mulder's place about 10 minutes from our house. We walked into the pasture and up to the grain cart that Roy had put there for us to hide in. It was very snowy, wet and cold. 

We settled in to the cart, got organized and in our places.
The sun started coming up about 6:30 and almost right away we saw a doe coming toward us. Chan told me to let her go because we were going to go for a buck. Then a few minutes later out came three coyotes following her across the grass. Then a little 2 point buck came across but I really didn't have a shot on him so we let him go. It was cold and windy!
Good thing we were bundled up.
We waited about 45 minutes and I was sitting down out of the wind and Chan says "There's a buck, get ready." So I got up where I needed to be, got the safety off and Chan says "Get a bead on him." I say, "I can't find him in the scope!" Repeat that exchange about 5 times. It was almost comical. Then Chan says "I'm going to make some noise so he will stop, you get ready." I say, "I can't find him in the scope!" That exchange happened about 3 times. Then all of a sudden there he was in the scope, I shot and down he went. Bryan says "You got him!" Up to that point I didn't even think I had hit him and I believe I screamed a little. It was exciting. I thought I needed to shoot again but he had stopped dead.
Me, right after. I had handed Chan the gun to unload because I didn't want to possibly fire off another shot in my excitement.
First deer ever! 
5 point non-typical - 7:30 a.m. from 175 yards.
Chan and Bryan
Could not have done this without these two.
This is me (shadow taking picture) not helping gut the deer.
Through the woods, over the river and through the field to Chan's truck we go.
I thought it would be nice if I at least helped a little on the long haul. He was heavy, Chan figured he might have weighed about 275 or so.
Hanging him in Chan's shed.
This was such a fun time. I never imagined how much I would enjoy it. I didn't even mind the cold. Just being out and watching the animals move this morning was so fun. 
Having Bryan be able to go with me made it all that much better. 


  1. Hey, big congratulations!! Ed's been hunting tons of times and never got one! He's jealous. :)
    Love you, Raye

  2. Once again you are my hero!! the whole thing is amazing!!!! What a great story!! What a great shot!! what a great adventure!!