Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kids, Cake and Ice Cream...

Last night the Griesers came out to dinner. It was good to see them. Since the baby has been born I haven't seen them as much as usual. After we ate supper, Bryan got out the ice cream freezer and he and Barry and the kids cranked up a delicious batch of ice cream to eat with our peanut butter and jelly cake. We had a delightful time. 
 Amiah worked away at this for quite awhile and Hudson and Bryan's faces crack me up here.
 Waiting for his turn to crank.
 "Can someone else do this my arms are tired." She hung in there a long time.

 This is a constant activity when these two are together.
 Watching a little bit of movie but things were just too hectic and loud to make it work.
 (Ashley, the picture of Amiah and me is by Andrea, for you. She said you needed a picture of us with that cake.)
Hudson spent the night here so he and I could hang out today for awhile. 
Hudson loves to watch any videos that I have on my phone and it just cracks me up that he navigates all around my phone with less problem than I have finding things. 
"I can do it, Patti, don't show me, let me have it, I know this." Then "Patti, will you help me?"
When it was time to go to bed he said, "I can't yet, you didn't set a timer." hahaha 
Ok, so I set a timer for 5 minutes and off we went. 

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