Friday, March 11, 2011

Warrior Princess...

Today I went up to Omaha because we don't have an Apple Store in Lincoln and Ashley needs an adapter for her computer. We have a team of people going to Spain next week and they are taking a suitcase of stuff to all our kids over there. So, off to Omaha to get what Ashley needs. Anyway, while I was up there it was lunch time so I just stopped into a little bakery/cafe at the mall for a sandwich. As I was eating my lunch a young mom came in with her little girl who was probably 4. The little girl had on pink capris, sparkly pink sandals, a fancy white shirt with pink sparkly designs on it and a knight's helmet with visor. I almost laughed out loud. But I loved that the mom just let her wear it. I brought back memories of the days when Jayme would go out shopping with me wearing her Nala costume or her Dalmation costume. While wearing these she would generally growl or bark at anyone near us. I have never regretted letting my kids wear what they want or style their hair the way they wanted. It helped them become who they are.

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  1. Haha!! those are great memories. I remember that about Jayme! :-)