Saturday, May 28, 2011


It has been too cold, too wet, too something this past month. Today, finally, on the way home from town I stopped in Hickman at a roadside flower sale and bought some. 
 Oh, those are my fancy tools that Jayme gave me last Mother's Day.
 Funny story about this planter - It sits right outside the back door across the sidewalk from the steps and it has been there since we moved here. 10 years. Keep that in mind. It used to have a fence post in it with a dinner bell on the post. Well, one day Bryan lost his wedding ring and we searched everywhere for it. I was so frustrated. It had been sitting on the table when we went to bed and the next morning it was gone. So several days go by and I am digging in the drawer that has all the hair ties and bobby pins and brushes and combs, etc. in it and there is Bryan's wedding ring. So I went running out the back door to the shed to tell Bryan and completely forgot that the planter and post were there and ran  full speed into it. It knocked me over backward, bruised my shin, cut my leg, hit my shoulder on the dinner bell and set it clanging, and hit my face on the post. So I jump up continue to the shed but by the time I get there I was in significant pain and crying. Bryan is trying to understand all that I am saying and also trying not to laugh at me (fighting a losing battle and gave in to it) so I hobble painfully back to the house with his help and Bobbi, Jayme and Kellen all hear the story and look at Bryan, who is trying to keep a straight face and failing, and then they all die laughing. Mainly because the thing is huge and always there how did I not see it? After I was done bleeding and aching I laughed at myself and we had Bryan's ring back.

 And now we come to the part you all were wondering about - 
the rain barrel - does it work?
 and...yes, there it is.
It's no Niagara Falls but it gets the job done.
So I feel much more in the mood of spring and summer since I got rid of the dead plants of last year and put in these.

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