Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thanks to them I am a Mom...

I wouldn't be told "Happy Mother's Day" without these people so... Thanks. I couldn't wish or ask for better children or spouse. I love you all so very much and am so thankful for who you are what you bring to my life.
World's greatest husband and dad.
 World's greatest oldest child.
 World's greatest middle child.
World's greatest youngest child. 
Sorry to the rest of the world but I seem to have cornered the market on the greatest.
And then there are these people that I love, and make me glad that I am a "mom" in some way to them.
The Hamm Girls. These six make up the Clamms.
 Hudson, Boden and Amiah
Andrea and Barry
I love you all. Thanks for all you bring to my life.

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  1. love you so much patti!!! happy mother's day, thanks for being an amazing "mom" and mentor and friend to me! i am so grateful for you!