Thursday, July 28, 2011

"Can I invite some friends out for supper?" -

Bobbi sent me that text yesterday at about noon. 
"Sure" is what I sent back.
"Ok, it will be 6 boys"
The 6 "boys" happened to be the band "Static Cycle" from Alaska and their manager, David. 
They are finishing up their tour and have a concert in Lincoln on Saturday night. Bobbi met one them years ago because he needed a hair cut. 
So I went out to the freezer and grabbed 3 racks of ribs and a package of chicken out and started those thawing and baking. {p.s. I have found the secret to ribs is start them frozen. I baked these at 300 from noon until 5 p.m. usually I do all day at 200-250} Then I quickly made up a broccoli/bacon/raisen pasta salad. The house was a disaster. So whirlwind clean-up and then I had to take a shower because I did need to go to work for a little bit in the afternoon. We had a great time. They ate a ton of food and hung out talking and laughing with Bobbi and Jayme. While I was talking to David {the manager} he said "We meet a lot of people along the way doing this, A LOT, and I just want to tell you that Bobbi is one of the most quality people we have ever met. She is amazing. And I get the feeling that your other two girls are just as quality." 
Well, that right there just more than made my night. 

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