Saturday, July 23, 2011

"Heat Index" Art- Revisited -

 The wrappers were starting to darken from the wax melting inside them. 
A breeze was blowing from the west so I moved them down out of the breeze.
 The ones on the right were definately melting faster. 
I told Jayme the cool colors just couldn't take the heat. 
 I put foil under it to reflect the heat and catch the dripping wax.
 Good thing I did. 
Not sure that my artistic expression should extend to the deck floor.
 I had to leave to go to town for several hours so I left it like this.
 When I came home this was where it was stuck so I brought it in because it was going to storm.
I went downstairs, got out my heat gun and learned a few things. 
1. The person who did the one I saw must have used 3 sets of crayons to get his effect.
2. The heat gun does a better job then the sun and wind.
3. I like the outcome none the less.
So I hung it on an old door that I have propped against the living room wall.