Saturday, May 24, 2014

A New Day Dawns

The sun comes up on a new day. We remember the joy of the days past and the grief of the past days we can set down by the side and not carry it as a burden. We don't forget but we move forward.
I have placed and gotten planted all of my 5 barrels. I am thrilled.
The EZ-GO makes gardening life so much easier!! 
I put one at the entrance to our front lawn.
I put one out in my garden by my chairs.
I put one on each side of the arbor. Here are close ups of those because the Beauty Bushes are blooming and they look amazing. Side note: Once I tried to find out what the bush in the backyard at Jayme's house was called because it is amazing and I was told "Beauty Bush" but when I looked that up it wasn't what she has. We took cuttings off of it and I got them to root 14 years ago and we now have two in our yard. It turns out that it is a Beauty Bush but this kind are considered "heirloom" because there are so few. Who knew?! Apparently they used to be in just about every yard in the area where Jayme's house is. 

Then I put one down by the deck steps.
You may or may not have noticed that I put Zinnias in all of them. I now refer to myself in my head as "The Crazy Zinnia Lady" I am obsessed with Zinnias. I love that they bloom from spring to fall and are just so hardy! Plus they come in so many colors. Can't wait until they are big!
And my Little Kim Lilacs are blooming and I had to trim some branches off the Beauty Bush so I brought them in. The mingled smells  are amazing.
I planted a very sad dried out looking Oriental Lily that I rescued at Walmart. Wasn't sure it would make it. The leaves look bad but the flowers came to life.
Hopefully next year will be even better. 
Ashley sent me this picture last night. Apparently Dave is having a little snack.
Whew! I was so far behind and so much has happened! Thanks for caring about our lives and reading my thoughts. 

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  1. Beautiful thoughts, beautiful plants, beautiful hearts.
    Love and Prayers