Saturday, May 24, 2014

Travis said "Will you?" Bobbi said "YES"

Travis arranged for all the ladies at Salon Plush to have their cameras ready. I am so glad! She was sweeping up hair and he knelt down in the pile of hair and asked her to marry him. 
I think the lady in the other chair with foils in her hair probably went home and told everyone she know about this sweet story she got to watch. 

The three ladies in this picture are the Plush owners. Denise is by Bobbi, Melissa is in the middle and Ashley is holding Bobbi's hand. 
And then we got this text.
Here's a close up.
Very exciting. They are looking at an August wedding, with just immediate family and maybe a few of their very close friends, here at the house. We are all so happy to add Travis to our family, officially, since we already think of him as a part of it.

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