Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Moody Founder's Week 2015

Lincoln looking snowy from the air.
We arrived in Chicago on Monday evening. They had gotten 19" of snow.
We arrived on time but sat in the plane on the runway for an hour waiting for our gate to be clear. I snapped this pictures if the gigantic snow plows clearing runways.
We went to supper at Grand Luxe Cafe and got seated in the round room that sits out over Michigan Ave. it is such a cool view. 
I took this picture from our 13th floor room but also to show the most expensive cup of coffee I think I've ever had. $19.57 for the pot...
We got picked up and taken to Moody. Bryan spoke and then Ron Hutchcraft spoke. After that we ate lunch with the Alumni. This year was Bryan's 35th reunion. Bryan did an awesome job speaking. 
That afternoon snow started to fall thick and fast. But we went out and about anyway. Hey, we were in Chicago!!
It really was pretty, wet, but pretty.
Of course we went to get pizza at Giordano's. We met up with Bryan's good friend from his college days, Dave and his wife, Renee. It was fun to see them. 
As we were walking back to the hotel we saw this shop front. Of course I had to take a picture.
Then off to the airport this morning. I've never seen a plane de-iced so I snapped this picture of the de-icing. 
We came back to several more inches of snow but we are home! 
Fun to go but always good to be home!

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