Friday, April 10, 2015

In other news...March

March 10: babysat Poppy. She found a rock outside and when it was time for her nap she cried when I took it away and when I gave it back she smiled and cuddled up with it and went to sleep. What a kid!
We went to Shopko on a walk and found a little slide on sale she has a slide.
March 11 & 12: 
The kids spent a couple days over Spring Break week out here. 
They made casts of their footprints with Bryan. 
They loved it. Boden was not interested though.
Amiah and I made a "Hamburger" fake out cake. She was looking at a cookbook Bryan had gotten me and I told her I hadn't made anything out of it yet so she picked this to make with me.
We enjoyed having that for dessert. 
As they were heading up to bed Hudson did his classic "Old Man" act and pulled his pants up really high and walked bowlegged and talked funny. So Bryan said he could do that too so they posed for me. A picture is worth a thousand words...
Need I say any more...?
The next day after lunch we went on a forced march around the development. Boden ran most of the first half and was so worn out for the second half he had to be carried. NAP TIME!! 
As I was loading them in the car to take them home, I set my phone down on the trunk of the car and forgot. I got into their house and just thought I must have left it at home. Bryan got a call from some guy saying he had found my phone in the middle of the road. Amazing though it may seem it was unscratched and only a tiny chip out of the case. It fell off when I was going 55. I was grateful to the honest farmer who found it and called.
March 21 and to forever, it seemed like, but actually March 24: I started cleaning out the storeroom in our basement. We had just dumped stuff in there when Ferne came to live here and before Bobbi and Travis had their wedding here and before Jayme and Trey got married and even before that. Suffice it to say it was an unqualified DISASTER. But I found a box of the girls old Polly Pocket toys and spent an entire afternoon sorting them into the process took a bit longer, like days longer, because I found things that took me back to the girls being little and it just takes time to clean a storeroom while you are meandering down memory lane and at times it is hard to see what you are doing through the tears. Good memories.
Now I shall swallow my pride and post the before pictures...
this is actually after I have removed all this...

these pictures horrify me...
I hear the gasps...and the "are you kidding me!" Yes it was all crammed in there. Believe me the Goodwill and the garbage and the recycle all got a lot of that. Now it looks like this.
I still have containers to go through but at least it is in there in some sort of order. More tossing and sorting but I can actually do it in that room now. Honestly the catalyst for the purge was having the task of sorting out Ferne's life and house. It was a full time job for Bryan and I and I felt like I needed to sort my own out. I had been meaning to do it since before last summer. I promised myself I would sort a container a week until it is all throughly sorted.
March 31: Travis turned 30. I took a cake to his work. But I took a disclaimer with it that the sign "Sid Villain Car Sales" on the cake was in no way a comment on the business practices of the car dealership where he works, Sid Dillon. So far no law suits. Travis loves the Avengers so I found all the MatchBox cars of the Avengers and used them as the cars on the lot. They loved it. 
 I'm just sad that I forgot to take a picture of Travis with the cake.
So that was March more or less. 

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