Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Super (Restore and Remodel) Dad

This past winter, starting after Christmas and up until now, Bryan had dedicated every Monday off to remodeling at Bobbi and Travis' house and currently at Ashley's house. Last fall he did the bathroom at Jayme and Trey's house. And as you all know it is never just a small quick fix. One thing leads to another and the projects get bigger than anticipated. Also while you have something torn apart is the time to make changes you are thinking of for the future. At Bobbi's he started tearing out some walls that the former owners had "thrown up" in the worst possible way, then that led to needing to replace some tile on the floor so that there wasn't gaps for when they put the carpet down. Then he put a wall in where they wanted one and trimmed and did all sorts of repairs to the basement. After that he went to their upstairs where the former owners had turned a breezeway into a dining room but it still was a breezeway (as in, cold air flowed in all winter) because of their lack of skill in anything to do with remodeling. They had a new patio door installed and then he fixed the wall by that. That led to needing to fix the other walls, so he tore out bad drywalling, put in new insulation, fixed the trim and generally made it a room you want to be in. For my part I just helped paint. Sadly we don't have pictures of all this process. I have one of a wall and the trim that I took to show Bobbi how it was looking while I was painting. The wall color is a really pretty blue/grey but looks darker in this picture. Bobbi also is refinishing her kitchen cabinets. They look amazing.
Their basement looks so great now with the carpet and paint done. Making a house a home.
The Monday after finishing theirs he moved on to helping Ashley gut and redo her kitchen. The man never rests!
This is Ashley's kitchen before. Nice but not really what she wants so...

Let the demo begin. 

They found butcher block countertops at the store for a discount because there was damage to one corner but since it had to be cut anyway that worked out just fine. They also found a display cabinet piece on a huge sale that contains a pullout garbage can and it was the perfect size to go at the end of her cupboards and extend her conterspace that much more. 
Her prized farmhoue sink that she has always wanted and notice the grey floor in the before pictures. She had painted old gross linoleum and it was a vast improvement but now they laid a laminate flooring and wow! what a difference.

Also removed the upper cabinets and she is considering open shelving but hasn't completely decided that yet. They installed bead board on that whole wall...
trimmed it out...
 There is still some doors under the sink that need to be redone, since the sink is larger and deeper, and the counter top by the fridge needs to be installed and a bit more painting but it is almost done.

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