Sunday, April 19, 2015

No Tax Deduction for these babies...

My friend, Robin, has lots of chickens and a rooster. She hatched some eggs for me in her incubator. It was pretty cool to see them right after they were born. She got some pretty amazing videos of them hatching. 
Now they are at my house in their new home.
We found this pen in the back lot of an antique store. It is perfect. It was actually a dove cote.
All nice and cozy. They actually live in the basement bathroom right now because I can run a small heater in there and with the lightbulb they stay very warm and cozy. 
This tiny little one is the bravest of all. She seems to like being held. So tiny.
I did have to dip their beaks in water to show them how to drink. It only took two times for them to get it.
There are 8 of them. A mixture of breeds. I am hoping that most of them are female. But only time will tell as I do not have the skills to tell at this point. Some of the breeds lay a blue or green egg so that would be fun if they are hens.

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